Payment of the second installment of IMI over 500 euros starts this Saturday

If it is more than 500 euros, then the IMI can be paid three times, the first in May, then in August and finally in November.

Cristina Bernardo

The deadline for the payment of the second installment of the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) for owners whose amount to be paid in excess of 500 euros starts this Saturday, with the third and last installment in November.

The payment of IMI started in May, when almost four million taxpayers received a payment note from Finance to pay the first installment or the entire tax, depending on the amount.

The first installment of IMI is paid during the month of May, this being the only payment if the amount is less than 100 euros.

If the value of the tax is between 100 and 500 euros, payment can be made in two stages, during the months of May and November.

If it is more than 500 euros, then the IMI can be paid three times, the first in May, then in August and finally in November.

According to information provided to Lusa in May by the Ministry of Finance, 3,8 million settlement notes were issued this year, 3 and 3oo more than last year.

In this total there are 900 thousand 397 settlement notes with a value of less than 100 euros, which means that about 23% of taxpayers made a single payment, in May, of the tax.

The same data also indicates that among the collection notes issued this year (for the IMI for 2019) there are 670 thousand 508 that correspond to a tax of more than 500 euros. The rest are set at between 100 and 500 euros.

As already happened in 2019, this year also owners who understand this can pay the following installments in May - when the IMI exceeds 100 euros.

The IMI rates are fixed annually by the municipalities, in an interval between 0,5% and 0,45% (for urban buildings), and they are also responsible for deciding on adherence to the family IMI, a mechanism that gives a discount to resident families, or on the application of increased taxes on vacant or ruined buildings.

These local authority decisions are communicated to the Tax and Customs Authority (AT), based on this information that the tax authorities calculate the amount that each owner has to pay from IMI.

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