PCP deputy says that holding the Avante Party in time of a pandemic is an "act of courage" and "not irresponsibility"

Communist parliamentarian António Filipe guarantees that the PCP has been in contact with the General Health Directorate (DGS) so that “nothing is neglected” and whoever thinks that the PCP wants to hold the Festa do Avante for financial reasons “knows the PCP very badly ”.

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Communist Party deputy (PCP) António Filipe defended this Sunday that the holding of the Festa do Avante is an “act of courage” and “not of irresponsibility”. The communist parliamentarian guarantees that the PCP has been in contact with the General Directorate of Health (DGS) so that “nothing is neglected” and says that anyone who thinks that the PCP wants to hold the Festa do Avante for financial reasons “knows the PCP very badly ”.

“Anyone who knows the Festa [do Avante] knows that it does not stand up in two days or even in a month and assuming to move forward knowing that unprecedented measures would have to be taken was an act of courage but not irresponsibility”, writes António Filipe , on your official Facebook page.

The deputy of the PCP guarantees that “health security concerns have never been absent from the consideration of the holding of the Avante Party”, which marks the Communist political rentrée annually, and says that “it is enough to verify that the initiatives carried out by the PCP have taken this care ”, Such as rallies or public sessions. "Unlike other demonstrations and gatherings that I don't see the service media criticize," he says.

António Filipe notes that it is “public” that the PCP has been in contact with the DGS in order to guarantee the proper safety and protection conditions for the participants in the Festa do Avante, as the deputy director-general of Health, Rui Portugal, has already said at a press conference. He also stresses that "it is not true that festivals are prohibited".

“They can be done as long as the rules imposed by the DG are complied with. That prosecutors do not want to assume this responsibility is their problem. Don't come and accuse the PCP of wanting exceptions. Even because, as is well known, there are festivals to be held ”, he indicates, referring to the diploma promulgated in late May that prohibits summer festivals until September 30, but makes an exception for “political, religious, social” festivals.

António Filipe also writes that “the PCP never said that there would be 100.000 people” at the Festa do Avante, but that “the available area makes it possible to welcome that number of people safely”. "It's quite different," he says.

It also ensures that “whoever thinks that the PCP wants to hold the Party [for Avante] for financial reasons knows the PCP very badly”. According to the accounts revealed by the party led by Jerónimo de Sousa, last year, the Festa do Avante had a negative balance of 564 thousand euros, incorporating “the investment in the field to improve the reception to the visitor”, despite being the main way of raising party revenue.

“Some say that the PCP will pay dearly for hosting the Party. Well, go. But it is not because it is this year. It is for holding the Party every year. It is for existing and defending workers' rights. The PCP always pays dearly for the fact that it exists and does not give up existing and be what it is. It is up to us, communists and other democrats, not to feed the chorus of these creditors ”, concludes the communist deputy.

The Festa do Avante is scheduled for September 4, 5 and 6, at Quinta da Atalaia, in the municipality of Seixal, and will have tight sanitary security measures.

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Posted by António Filipe on Sunday, August 9 2020

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