PremiumPedro Rebelo de Sousa on merger: “We share affinities, synergies and values”

SRS is part of AAA, a company that has lawyers Gabriela Rodrigues Martins and Dulce Franco among its partners. The merger will be concluded by December and will create a 'player' with a strong presence in M&A and Corporate.

SRS will integrate the AAA law firm, in an operation that should be concluded by the end of the second semester. In a brief interview with Jornal Económico, the first after the announcement of the merger, Managing Partner from SRS, Pedro Rebelo de Sousa, explained the rationale for this operation and argued that mergers between law firms only make sense when there are similar affinities, synergies and values.

Asked about the current moment that the economy is going through, due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pedro Rebelo de Sousa guarantees that so far there has been no significant drop in the office's activity, although he considers it “inevitable” that this will happen. For now, he guarantees, areas such as Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Corporate and Financial continue with “a lot of work”.

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