Pedro Sánchez hopes that common borders with Portugal “will never be closed again”

The Spanish Prime Minister guarantees that the decision to reopen is purely epidemiological and that it is being made in a “conscious and regulated” way.

Chema Moya / EPA via Lusa

The Spanish Prime Minister this morning congratulated the governments of the Iberian Peninsula on the reopening of common borders after they have been closed since March 17 due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. “It is a great happiness to find myself in Elvas with my dear friend António Costa, in an act full of emotion. We are two sister peoples who share history, culture, but also vision ”, he began by saying.

At a press conference held in Castelo de Elvas, alongside António Costa, Pedro Sánchez recalls the “hard” work and the strong support provided by Portugal in combating the pandemic, emphasizing that the opening of borders is being done in a “ conscious and regulated ”.

"We are here to open borders that we hope will never close again," Sánchez appealed. “I have always counted on the Portuguese Prime Minister's affection and encouragement,” he says, underlining that the cordial relationship between the two countries has intensified in a context of crisis such as the pandemic crisis.

Asked whether the reopening of borders is a political or health decision, the head of state guarantees that all decisions taken, in coordination with the European Union, are "strictly epidemiological", including those for the reopening of land borders.

Sánchez also recalled the impact of the pandemic in Spain, stressing that the Spanish people have always tried to respect the restriction measures enacted by the Government, namely the limitations on freedom of movement and interaction between groups and family members, stressing that he is confident that both countries will respect the security measures.


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