Porto and North Tourism Association guesses "very fierce competition" with "great powers"

“Competition between destinations will be very fierce. Our neighbor Galicia (Spain) announced, at the beginning of the pandemic, an envelope of 27 million euros to be able to work on its international promotion ”, warned the new president of ATP, Luís Pedro Martins.

The president of the Porto e Norte Tourism Association today warned the Government that the competition with “great powers” ​​in tourism will be “fierce” in times of pandemic and calls for the revision of the financing model for international promotion.

“Competition between destinations will be very fierce. Our neighbor Galicia (Spain) announced, at the beginning of the pandemic, an envelope of 27 million euros to be able to work on its international promotion. Spain, Italy, these great tourism powers (...), lived a lot in the shadow of the enormous success they had in this sector, but it will not be like this from today, it will not continue like this, do not think that we will continue to have these machines with the same pace of activity they had until the beginning of the pandemic ”, warned Luís Pedro Martins, the new president of the Porto e Norte Tourism Association (ATP).

In the speech of his inauguration, which took place at Palácio da Bolsa, in Porto, Luís Pedro Martins, who is now accumulating his position with that of President of Turismo do Porto and Northern Portugal, addressed the Secretary of State for Tourism, Rita Marques, and the president of Turismo de Portugal, Luís Araújo, present at the ceremony, to assure them that they are willing to maintain the “longevity of the ATP organization” and the stability of the Porto and North destination, but that it is essential that it be the financing model for promoting the region abroad was reviewed.

In the opinion of the official, it is important to clarify who has skills, knowledge in the region and also the means to carry out international promotion.

“Reviewing the financing model for external promotion, which we all know today is outdated and out of step with reality”, as well as “reinforcing the ERT [Regional Tourism Entities] budget, particularly with regard to promotion”, are ideas that he defended.

The new president of ATP recognized that the future of the tourism sector in the North region will be a “fierce” struggle.

“It will be for this reason a fierce fight, which we do not want unequal, although we know that it will not be possible to match, but it is good that we all focus on this concern and it is also good that this bazooka can serve to bring us closer to these tourism powers that will soon we will be on the ground fighting the battle for our destinies, ”he added.

Luís Pedro Martins also stated that, with this new union of the two organizations in the region, ATP and TPNP will do “their part”, that is, they will work for the “distribution of tourists between cities and low-density territories. in a complementary way ”and with“ cooperative relations ”.

“I am a man who likes to build bridges and, for that reason, I am clear that the model that emerges from this functional integration will have to result in the balance of these two great vectors: on the one hand, the contributions and rewards between the public and private sectors, in the sense of not only making the effort between the parties more equitable, and, on the other hand, ensuring that the benefits to be derived from these partnerships will be multiplied for companies, for the State and for society in general ”, he said.

For Luís Pedro Martins, “these are the conditions that can allow the new Tourism of Porto and North of Portugal to assume an organization capable of simultaneously adjusting the expectations of the stakeholders (interest groups) and the ability to organization to changes in environment and conjuncture, while pursuing innovation and its strategic change ”.

The official understands that the city of Porto is the “focal point and access point to the North of Portugal destination” and that the different regional tourist products must be made available to the city, facilitating accessibility to the tourist resources located in the four sub-destinations tourist attractions: Porto, Minho, Trás-os-Montes and Douro.

“Let us be able to share the same vision for Porto and the North of Portugal (…). And let us be able to assume that the governance and management of tourism organizations greatly influence the performance of the respective destination and, therefore, there is an urgent need to address this issue, which, although sensitive, is definitely relevant in the context of the leadership and governance of regional destination organizations. and, consequently, from the destination [North] ”, he concluded.

Luís Pedro Martins also highlighted the “big bet” that he wants to carry out in the transition to digital, especially in terms of commercialization, as well as affirmed that he wants to contribute to the “security factor”, an attribute of destinations that he assumes that “has never been as much on the agenda as at the current moment [of a pandemic] and from which Turismo de Portugal knew how to put the country on the crest of the wave ”.

With the accumulation of the position of president of the Regional Tourism Entity of Porto and North of Portugal and of the ATP, Luís Pedro Martins realizes a desire demonstrated several times in the sense of being possible to unify the leaderships of the two tourism organizations in the North region and thus define and implement a common strategy to promote the destination in the various issuing markets.

Luís Pedro Martins took office today as the new president of the Porto e Norte Tourism Association (ATP), after the list which headed up collected 17% of the votes in the electoral act on September 98,5.

Until now, TPNP was responsible for promoting to the national market and the international proximity market (Spanish autonomous regions of Galicia and Castile and Leon), while ATP did all the other external promotion of the territory.

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