PremiumCDS-PP disputed between PS and PSD for continuity or 'contraption' on the right in the Azores

Enabling the next government in the Azorean regional assembly will not be easy for PS or PSD. Centrist support is crucial on the left or the right.

The three deputies elected by the CDS-PP in the Azores are, these days, the target of dispute between the PS and PSD to form government in the autonomous region. After Sunday's results had taken the absolute majority out of the PS, the socialists are trying to strike a deal to avoid right-wing 'contraption'. But the PSD is also focused on talking “with everyone” and reaching an agreement that puts an end to almost 25 years of socialist governance in the region.

The solution to guarantee the parliamentary majority desired by PS and PSD must go through the CDS-PP, which was the third most voted political force. According to what Jornal Económico (JE) found, the leader of the CDS-PP / Açores, Artur Lima, met this week with the president of PSD / Açores, José Manuel Bolieiro, and with the leader of PS / Açores, Vasco Cordeiro. He heard proposals for an understanding that would make the new regional government viable and it remains to be seen whether there will be an agreement on the left or on the right.

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