President of CDS-PP against “extinction” of biweekly debates

"The democratic and popular right that the CDS represents will not agree with their extinction and will defend more and better opposition, and not less and worse opposition to the socialist government", explained Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos.

The president of the CDS-PP declared this Wednesday that the party "will not agree with the extinction" of the fortnightly debates, referring to the PSD's proposal for the parliament to start questioning sessions with the prime minister.

In a post on his Facebook social network page, the centrist leader says that “in the revision of the [Parliament's] regulations of 2007, it was on the proposal of the CDS-PP, accepted by the other parties, that there are now fortnightly debates in Portugal ”.

"The democratic and popular right that the CDS represents will not agree with their extinction and will defend more and better opposition, not less and worse opposition to the socialist government", he stresses.

The PSD proposes holding four question sessions with the Prime Minister per year in parliament, instead of the current biweekly debates, and another four with sectoral ministers, in which the Government leader can be present.

According to the PSD, the mandatory presence of the head of government in parliament will rise to eight times a year if we count the debate on the State of the Nation, which begins with an intervention by the Prime Minister, and the discussion of the State Budget, which is usually also opened or closed by him (although the regiment does not detail it).

In his 'post' on Facebook, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos recalls the words of the current prime minister when he was not yet the head of government: “It is one of the most stupid inventions that the Assembly of the Republic has made in recent years. That was how António Costa, in 2013, classified the biweekly debates that take place in parliament ”.

"Seven years later, with António Costa as prime minister, he did not even have to launch an attack on the fortnightly debates", points out the CDS leader, also pointing out criticisms of the PSD.

In the view of Rodrigues dos Santos, the head of Government “counted on the 'patriotic collaboration' of the president of the Social Democratic Party, who decided to propose the end of one of the most important parliamentary instruments for monitoring government action”.

"António Costa simply ordered his bench to immediately go public and agree with the idea - so convenient for those who govern - from the leader of the largest opposition party", he adds. The CDS president also argues that "there is a big difference between leading the largest opposition party and leading the opposition".

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