Presidential candidacy of João Ferreira “will be a space for common struggle”

João Ferreira presented the presidential candidacy for the PCP and explained that “at a time when so many do not see or hear the future speak to them, the more necessary it is to know how to organize and open that future, transforming restlessness into struggle converting unrest into trust” .

PCP MEP João Ferreira presented his candidacy for President of the Republic this Thursday, August 17th and guaranteed that his run in the presidential elections “will be a space of common struggle”.

“The candidacy that I am assuming and today I present to the President of the Republic is and will be a space for the common struggle of youth, workers, the people”, explained João Ferreira who started his speech by remembering the writers José Saramago and Mário Castrim.

“In a world where hope has ended, as Saramago portrayed in his essay on blindness, we stop looking at the future, we stop seeing it, blindness is also this”, he said. Recalling Castrim, he stressed that "hope is the way the future speaks in our ears", quoted the presidential candidate.

João Ferreira also explained that "at a time when so many do not see or hear the future speak to them, the more necessary it is to know how to organize and open that future, to transform restlessness into a struggle to convert unrest into trust".

In his speech, the candidate supported by the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) addressed “everyone, regardless of the electoral choices they have made in the past. I appeal to everyone: to those who live from their work and who feel with their committed effort that they could live better ”.

“To women penalized for multiple inequalities, discrimination and violence at work, in the family and in society, to young people who do not give up being happy, to retired and elderly people who aspire to a rewarding experience in the social and personal sphere after a lifetime of work ”, João Ferreira assured about the candidacy that he says to assume“ with honor, with determination, with conscience ”.

The MEP's speech was also marked by his view of the issues surrounding Covid-19. “States of emergency were imposed on us, which had nothing to do with the observance of standards that the population already complied with and continued to comply with after being abandoned, but aimed at restricting the protest and the fight against abuse”, stressed João Ferreira.

In the opinion of João Ferreira, "the effects of the pandemic are inseparable from the socio-economic formation they produce, in capitalism that everything commodifies including health", highlighting that "Covid-19 besides confronting us with new issues, has aggravated considerably old problems".

“We have the growth of unemployment to be used as blackmail to increase exploitation, job insecurity, attack on wages, the deregulation of working hours, the increase in rhythms and the degradation of working conditions, the increase in the retirement age, the divestment in public services ”, pointed out the candidate for the Assembly of the Republic.

João Ferreira is 41 years old and has a degree in Biology. In addition to being a deputy of the PCP in the European Parliament and vice-president of the confederate group of the European unitary left, he is also an alderman in the Lisbon City Council. He has already been distinguished by the Marquês de Vale Flor Institute and director of the magazine “Portugal e União União”.


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