Presidential: Paulo Pedroso in the “organizational structure” of Ana Gomes' candidacy

Former Minister of Labor Paulo Pedroso will integrate the "organizational structure" of Ana Gomes' candidacy for President of the Republic, confirmed her own today in a statement to the Lusa agency.

Cristina Bernardo

“I am proud to be able to count on the collaboration of Paulo Pedroso, a socialist of all times, a distinguished sociologist and university professor, a member of the democratic left, who exercised, with competence and seriousness, the most varied positions in the service of the Republic. And also a friend in whom I have total confidence, ”said a former PS ME.

In the written declaration, Ana Gomes does not shy away from the subject of the accusation of the ex-minister of António Guterres in the Casa Pia case, to remember that he was neither pronounced nor tried and even received compensation from a European court.

“I know that Paulo Pedroso was accused in the so-called“ Casa Pia process ”, but he was not pronounced (nor judged) by a decision rendered in the first instance and confirmed by the superior courts. Having been accused and arrested for manifestly insubstantial reasons, the European Court of Human Rights condemned the Portuguese State to compensate him for the damage he suffered ”, recalled the former diplomat and former member of the European Parliament.

In conclusion, Ana Gomes promises to always fight injustice.

“I never agreed with impunity, but I will always be at the side of the wronged. I know I can count on Paulo Pedroso in this fight for the defense of the rule of law ”, he concludes.

Paulo Pedroso was Minister of Labor and Solidarity of the XIV Constitutional Government, led by António Guterres.

He was accused in Casa Pia for sexual abuse of minors, which is why he was accused. During the investigation phase, he was detained in the Assembly of the Republic and suspended the position of deputy.

In 2006, in the investigative phase of the process, the Criminal Investigation Court found that there was no basis for being brought to trial.

He later won a lawsuit at the European Court of Human Rights, which condemned the Portuguese State to compensate Paulo Pedroso in the amount of 68.555 euros.

Before the last legislatures, in January 2020, Paulo Pedroso announced that he was no longer a member of the PS.

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