'Proptech' allay real estate fears during pandemic

Technology companies and startups that work with real estate professionals guarantee that today, more than ever, they are an asset. Casafari has even chosen to invest in a software company.

“To buy or sell a property, there must be a match between a real estate consultant and his clients. This process was hampered by the lack of mobility in society ”. Who says it is Mário Duarte Gamas, co-founder of the startup Alfredo AI. With a technological base, the company needs little physical contact, which made it a viable alternative for professionals in this sector during confinement, with a package composed of systems for attracting new customers, market studies powered by Artificial Intelligence ( IA) and prospecting of the real estate offer available online. The last few weeks were particularly special because they coincided with the launch of a project developed with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education to help students look for a home / room while they are at university. This is one of the companies that saw business on stand-by due to the drop in demand for homes, but benefited from having built-in technology and working with property valuation algorithms, used to social distancing.

“The professional real estate industry has never been in greater need and demand for complete and clean real-time data. In this sense, the pandemic has helped us to raise awareness and win new partnerships ”, says Nils Henning, co-founder of Casafari. That is why proptech acquired, in the middle of a pandemic, a majority position in the Portuguese technology company Proppy CRM, specializing in software and customer relationship management for real estate. The investment is both aimed at expanding the automation offer as well as being a launching pad for the company for PALOP and Latin America.

Blaua has also sought to automate this industry, through chatbots for real estate agencies. For the CEO, areas such as AI, Big Data and augmented reality stand out as examples of “enormous potential” today. “Real estate is a massive industry and still has a lot to gain from the use of new technologies. On the other hand, with adoption levels growing more and more, investment in proptech is itself more and more desirable also in the eyes of investors ”, guarantees João Moreira.

Heptasense, on the other hand, creates solutions to recognize human behavior - that is, software that monitors people's movements - and as soon as people were prevented from going to shopping centers or retailers, their solution became obsolete. However, the CEO considers that the sudden changes that companies have been subjected to have made data analysis even more relevant. “For example, in a shopping mall where people went on Sundays with their family for a walk, today they have to stand in lines, with a mask, to be able to enter stores due to the occupancy limit. Shopping malls have to create another type of experience for this new paradigm, in order to remain attractive ”, says Ricardo Santos.


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