Polling. PS with 37,2% of voting intentions, PSD with 23,9%

After the regional elections in the Azores and the discussion of the State Budget for 2021, an Aximage survey for TSF / JN points out that António Costa would continue to be able to govern. The voting intentions established indicate a leftist parliamentary majority (50,3%).

Cristina Bernardo

If the legislative elections were held today, the PS would continue to be able to remain in the Government. According to an Aximage survey for TSF radio and “Jornal de Notícias”, published this Monday, the socialists make up 37,2% of the electorate's voting intentions, followed by the PSD with 23,9%.

Looking at the Portuguese political spectrum, based on this survey, there would continue to be a left-wing parliamentary majority in the Assembly of the Republic (AR). BE would maintain its position as the third largest political force in the RA, gathering 7,9% of the voting intentions. CDU, a coalition that brings together the PCP and 'Os Verdes', would achieve a stabilization of 5,2%.

PAN, a party that rejects positioning itself to the left or right of the political spectrum, but which in the discussions of the State Budget for 2021 (OE2021) made the document proposed by the Socialist Government viable, would appear today ahead of the CDU, with 6,5 % of voting intentions.

In this way, the parties on the left with parliamentary seats, together with the PAN, make up 56,8% of the voting intentions. And even if the PS continued without reaching consensus with BE, former partner of 'Geringonça', António Costa, observing the feasibility achieved with PCP, 'Os Verdes' and PAN, in OE2021, he could have conditions to continue in the Government. PS, CDU and PAN together account for 48,9% of voting intentions.

On the right, in addition to the 23,9% of the PSD, we highlight Chega, which would be the fourth largest political force with 7,5%, ahead of the PAN and CDU. The Liberal Initiative would achieve 2,2% of the votes, while the CDS-PP would get only 1% of the votes. The PSD, Chega, CDS-PP, IL together would get only 34,6% of the votes today.


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