PS proposes “positive stimulus measures” to curb gender imbalance aggravated by Covid-19

The socialist parliamentary group believes that it is necessary to promote a gender balance in the use of telework and to attract women to the digital and energy sectors, so that they “do not fall behind in the process of digital and green transition”.

José Sena Goulão / Lusa

The Socialist Party (PS) recommends the Government to adopt "positive stimulus measures" to curb the gender imbalance aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The socialist parliamentary group believes that it is necessary to promote a gender balance in the use of teleworking and to attract women to the digital and energy sectors, so that they “do not fall behind in the digital and green transition process”.

Num draft resolution delivered to the Assembly of the Republic, the PS recognizes that the António Costa Government has put in place several measures to combat gender discrimination in a pandemic time (such as economic and social support to families and companies to “protect jobs, income and prevent the destruction of companies” and protection of victims of domestic violence, with over 100 places in shelters), but asks for more.

“Welcoming this set of concrete cross-cutting measures already adopted, with a view to mitigating structural inequalities highlighted by the pandemic crisis that we are experiencing, it is also important to take additional steps and seek to mitigate and overcome the difficulties posed by Covid-19 in carrying out a fundamental task of the State, the promotion of equality between men and women ”, explain the socialists, in the draft resolution.

Socialists argue that the recognition and appreciation of unpaid work at the level of care is “a vital contribution to the economy” and it is necessary to adopt “positive stimulus measures to curb the gender imbalance already registered in relation to supported workers to stay at home with their children, of whom about 80% are women ”and promote gender balance in the use of telework.

The PS also asks the Government to invest in the “care economy”, with “flexible education and childcare services that allow all fathers and mothers to maintain paid jobs and a healthy balance between personal, family and professional life” .

It also suggests adopting positive measures to “attract women, particularly young women, to not be left behind in the digital and green transition process”. This is because, according to the PS, "the digital and energy sectors, which will be a priority in the Recovery and Resilience Instrument to which around 500 billion euros will be allocated, are identified as being especially masculine sectors".

The PS cites a report by the United Nations (UN) on the impact of Covid-19 on women, showing that “the pandemic can deepen gender inequalities” and that, in most countries, there has been an increase situations of domestic violence or the silencing of victims, "both of which are particularly serious since the victim was forced to remain at home with the aggressor in situations".

The UN report also warns of the “drop in paid jobs” and the increase in unpaid assistance work, which contributed to the closing of schools and the increase in care for the elderly population due to Covid-19. Almost 60% of women around the world are now "earning less, saving less and at greater risk of falling into poverty," he says.

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