PSD criticizes Lisbon's response to pandemic and resigns Fernando Medina

After the Mayor of Lisbon strongly criticized the health authorities for responding to the Covid-19 crisis, the PSD criticizes the autarchy's performance during the pandemic.

The statements by the Mayor of Lisbon to the health authorities did not go unnoticed by the PSD. Fernando Medina acknowledged that “several things went wrong” in the control of Covid-19 in the Lisbon region and that the action on the ground failed.

“This is a matter of management. Either the chiefs in the Lisbon area, quickly put the house in order in a few days and have the situation under control, or those chiefs must be reevaluated, "said Medina, adding:" With bad chiefs and little army we cannot win this war. ”, Referring to health authorities.

In a statement, the PSD chairman at the Lisbon Municipal Assembly considers that Medina's statements should be applied to the mayor himself for the quality of response to the pandemic crisis of the new coronavirus in the capital.

“It seems that Medina just resigned from… Medina (and we agree).” Writes Luís Newton. "Fernando Medina blames the heads of the Lisbon region for the current situation of pandemic management and with good reason".

Newton disputes that Measure is responsible for having taken “weeks to accept the disinfection of public spaces (they really wanted to prevent these actions)”, for not having “tested the employees themselves, fundamental to protect their own families”, and that “he did not prepare the Carris for the period of social distance ”.

In addition, the PSD adds to the 'list of criticisms' of the mayor, “it encouraged a relaxed lack of definition, which led to the excesses we are witnessing today”, “it did not want to distribute masks to its population, a fact that would have been fundamental to avoid spreading, example, in the municipal districts ”, and that“ rejected special emergency measures for Lisbon and even disqualified those who proposed them ”.

“He did nothing against the demonstrations and rallies that put the control of the outbreak at risk,” reads the note that does not, however, make a direct identification to the 1st of May or the demonstrations that took place during the month of June.

PSD defends that "Medina does not do this in a sudden access of conscience to protect its populations ... it does this in the wake of the Prime Minister's disagreement with health technicians at the last meeting of Infarmed".

“The truth is that the Secretary of State for Lisbon, Fernando Medina (yes, hardly during this period he would have been a true mayor), should be consistent with his words and be the first to resign”, concludes Luís Newton, PSD chairman at the Lisbon Municipal Assembly.

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