PSD defends biweekly epidemiological meetings and transmitted by the Parliament channel

The PSD also requested that “a representative of the Ministry of Health, another or other government representatives, should be present at the meetings, if the Government so wishes, epidemiologists from public and private institutions, to be nominated on the proposal of the Directorate-General for Health, other specialists that the Health Commission will decide to listen ”.

Manuel de Almeida / LUSA

The PSD asked the Health Commission that the epidemiological meetings should be held every two weeks and that they be transmitted through Parliament's channel, according to a text published on the party's website today, July 13.

“To replace the progressive exhaustion of the information model at Infarmed meetings, the PSD parliamentarian group asked the Health Commission to deliberate on the holding, from the beginning of the next legislative session and every two weeks and indefinite duration, subordinate meetings to the theme of the epidemiological situation of covid-19 in Portugal ”, referred the social democratic party.

As for those who will be present at the sessions, the PSD asked that at the meetings there be “a representative of the Ministry of Health, another or other government representatives, if the Government so wishes, epidemiologists from public and private institutions, to be nominated on a proposal by the General of Health, other specialists that the Health Commission may decide to hear ”.

The proposal comes after the President of the Republic announced the end of Infarmed meetings on July 8, but also after declarations by the PSD president on this matter.

"I must confess that the last Infarmed meetings are beginning to have little use", stressed Rui Rio, to Porto Canal, on July 4th. The PSD leader also pointed out that “in the second part, when people are given the voice to ask questions, then there is still less use”.


JPP warns that Health in Madeira is getting worse and calls for maximum waiting times

JPP says that the Regional Government of Madeira has not complied with health, taking into account “the extensive waiting lists in health, the lack of commitment to pay the salary supplements promised to operational assistants and doctors at SESARAM, the contempt for the biometric registration at the Hospital ”.

Madeira: PS defends restoring tax differential

With the replacement of the tax differential, the socialists intend to encourage consumption and, through it, to boost the economy, to bring greater liquidity to companies through the reduction of VAT and IRC, and a low taxation, which would allow to attract more foreign investment and competitiveness.

Marques Mendes blames PS, PSD and CDS governments for “fattening up the EDP piggy to make a financial contribution” in privatization

Marques Mendes considered “exaggerating” the suspension of functions of António Mexia and João Manso Neto from the leadership of EDP and EDP Renováveis ​​and stressed that “the civic and professional death of two people who are not even accused” was decreed ”.

André Ventura to request temporary suspension of deputy's mandate in September

According to André Ventura himself to the Lusa agency, Diogo Pacheco de Amorim will occupy the parliamentary functions, as he was the second in the electoral list of the Lisbon circle in the 2019 legislative elections.

PCP argues that CP should be a “single operator” at the railway level to avoid accidents such as Soure's

The communists ask the Government to reinforce investment in the railroad and proceed to the “reunification” of the CP so that the public company starts to integrate all the railway infrastructures at national level.

Marcelo promulgates diploma that marks indirect elections in the CCDR for October

The change in the date for the election of the presidents of the Regional Coordination and Development Commissions (CCDR), initially scheduled for September, was approved by the Head of State, keeping the alert that this process is not regionalization.