OE2021: PSD will vote against Government proposal. Left pressure increases

The vote was announced this Wednesday by the president of the PSD, during the parliamentary days of the party. Rui Rio points “four weaknesses” to the budget proposal: uncertainty, projection of overvalued revenue, excessive investment in public consumption and transparency issues.


The Social Democratic Party (PSD) will vote against the 2021 State Budget proposal (OE2021). The vote was announced this Wednesday by the president of the PSD, Rui Rio, after having considered that OE2021 “is not realistic” and having pointed out “four weaknesses” in the budget proposal: uncertainty, projection of overvalued revenue, excessive betting public consumption and transparency problems.

“It is not our Budget, but because of the country's interest and along the same lines of reasoning [of the Supplementary Budget], we could even abstain. (…) But the Prime Minister said that his project is with the PCP and the Left Bloc and that, when he needed the PSD to approve a Budget, his Government ended (…) The PSD can only vote against ”, Stated Rui Rio, closing speech of the PSD parliamentary days.

The Social Democratic leader justified the vote against, saying that the Government's proposal “does not fight unemployment, does not support companies, distributes what it has and what it does not have with weak logic and little criteria, it does not give signals to the middle class, it has a lack of transparency, pre-announces an amending Budget for having overestimated revenue, and does nothing to reform Public Administration to combat waste and inefficiency ”.

Furthermore, Rui Rio also mentioned that, if the PSD vote “does not serve”, in the Government's view, “nor to avoid a political crisis, then the PSD can only vote against because it is what it is consistent to do ”.

For Rui Rio, the country will enter 2021 “more conditioned than it should” due to the “political and economic options that were taken by the Government in recent years”, to “ideologically please the PCP and Bloco de Esquerda”. "This proposal for the State Budget is not realistic and we will hardly have an amending budget, in case this Budget passes," said the Social-Democratic leader.

Rui Rio stressed that, in OE2021, the priority should be “more jobs” and, if possible, “better jobs”. “The solution is in companies. It is companies that foster employment. Public employment is necessary, but the engine of the economy is in companies ”, he stressed, reiterating that he does not think“ appropriate ”that the increase in wages be considered when companies are in difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The PSD president also said that the Government should focus on “breaking the cycle of weak economic growth that the country has been going through” and strengthening the competitiveness of the economy and the middle class. Among the measures that the PSD would present if it were the Government are the relief of the tax burden on families and companies, the bet on the capitalization of companies, the reduction of fiscal bureaucracy, support for exports and the reduction of structural expenditure.

With the PSD voting against, the Government will now have to reach an understanding on the left to make the budget proposal viable in Parliament. THE CDS-PP, Chega and Liberal Initiative will also vote against.

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