PSI 20 opens week in 'green' driven by Sonae Capital and Navigator

Lisbon Square started the session up 0,44%, to 4.260,09 points on Monday morning, following the trend of most of its European counterparts.


The main Portuguese stock index, PSI 20, opened the session this Monday to appreciate 0,44%, to 4.260,09 points, following the trend of most of its European counterparts.

Valuing the PSI 20 are among the main Portuguese quoted companies Sonae Capital, which rises 2,51%, to 0,49 euros, Navigator which grows 1,17%, to 2,25 euros and which values ​​0,55% to 0,09 euros.

Also on the positive side are CTT, which rose 1,22%, to 2,08 euros, EDP Renováveis, which grew 0,87%, to 11,56. Semapa rises 1,33% to 8,41 euros and Pharol increases 2,06% to 0,06 euros.

On a negative ground is EDP which depreciates 0,24%, to 4,21 euros, RENE which falls 0,41%, to 2,43 euros, Corticeira Amorim which falls 1,08%, to 9,17 euros and F. Ramada, which depreciates 0,96%, to 4,13 euros.

In Europe, only the United Kingdom did not open to trading in the 'green'. In Germany, the DAX grows 0,77%, in the United Kingdom, the FTSE 100 falls 0,37%, the French CAC 40 values ​​0,69%, the Dutch AEX rises 0,72%. In Spain, the IBEX35 values ​​0,68% and the Italian FTSE MIB grows 0,16%.

The Brent barrel price is up 0,28% at $ 35,23, while the WTI crude price is up 1,02% to $ 33,59 per barrel.

In the foreign exchange market, the euro depreciated 0,24%, to 1,08 dollars.

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