Readiness IT supports Namibian government in combating Covid-19

The Porto-based company and a specialist in digital transformation has developed a project that allows a local telecommunications operator to respond to a government financial support plan for more than 2,5 million people.

Readiness IT, a national company specializing in digital transformation services and solution development, is involved with the Namibian government to, through its Ministry of Finance, provide an economic support program to the population based on a single emergency income for all people in financial difficulties caused by measures to combat Covid-19.

In Namibia, where the numbers of infected and victims remain low, the government has taken steps to prevent the spread of the virus and to ensure the health and well-being of its citizens. In this context, Readiness IT supported the operator Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) in implementing this action promoted by the local government.

“Through highly qualified IT professionals and technology developed in Portugal, today there are more than 2,5 million people in Namibia who can benefit from government economic support without leaving their homes and avoiding unnecessary contacts,” says the company's official source.

The whole process takes less than five minutes to complete and you only need access to a phone. “SMS are sent to the service number, some requested data are introduced, such as personal and bank details, which are subsequently analyzed and validated by the system. At the end, a verification process is carried out to confirm that the person is able to receive state financial support. If so, financial support is transferred from the government to the citizen's bank account, ”says the company.

Through its services, “Readiness IT thus contributes to providing economic assistance to millions of citizens in Namibia, and for MTC to be able to deal with excess network traffic and overloaded systems, allowing transaction numbers to exceed 1.500 per minute".

The development of this technology attests to the importance of digital media in the pandemic period. “By offering a quick and simple service, and above all, preventing groups of people from applying for these financial supports, government entities are able to support the most needy in a faster way, preventing the spread of the virus”.

Readiness IT, a company based in Porto and with offices in Portugal, Chile, and New Zealand, and with its more than 400 employees working remotely, has not stopped its activity and continues to develop digital transformation services for national and international clients .

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