PremiumCatering: 'Chefs' against the pandemic

Despite the crisis caused by Covid-19 and the uncertainties about the future, the author's catering sector is experiencing a dynamic moment, in Lisbon, Porto and inland. Inaugurations, reopenings, new letters, new partnerships, new services are the assets to attract more customers. Mostly national, because there are still many planes on the ground and many tourists at home.

It is one of the sectors most affected by the impact of the pandemic, but it did not fall into a slump. After the first months of the most severe confinement, almost every week, first, almost every day, more often, there are news in this area: inaugurations, reopenings, new services, new partnerships. A new life for designer restaurants in Portugal, even when the unknown about the future of Covid-19 remains and the desert created by the lack of tourists and planes on land could carry the horizon.

Another sign of the sector's vitality was given this week, with the opening of the restaurant Zunzum, by chef Marlene Vieira, in the building of the Lisbon Cruise Terminal. He should have opened the doors at the end of February, but he saw the turns changed by the virus. The opening of Wednesday night sold out, but, above all, fulfilled a wish of Marlene Vieira. “The investment invested in this restaurant exceeded one million euros. This investment does not deserve, it cannot be stopped, it needed to start ”, justifies the chef, speaking to Jornal Económico.

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