Premium“Pandemic restrictions have limited activity,” says ASAVAL

On the day that the entity celebrates ten years of existence, the official signals that, if the interest of foreign investors in Portugal remains, this could be an important factor in the recovery of the economy.

Founded in 2010, the Professional Association of Evaluation Societies (ASAVAL) celebrates this Friday, November 5th, ten years of life. The non-profit entity represents the valuation societies and the valuation experts with whom they collaborate. Currently, the companies that make up ASAVAL represent more than 70% of the market for evaluations carried out for the financial sector. The association marks the anniversary by holding a congress where it will address the state of the sector, as well as the expectations for the next decade.

Present at this event, which will be conducted through the Zoom platform due to the pandemic, will be among others, the chairman of the Securities Market Commission (CMVM), Tiago dos Santos Matias and Nick French, professor of Real Estate Valuation in the United Kingdom.

In an interview with Jornal Económico (JE), engineer Paulo Barros Trindade, president of ASAVAL, discusses the prospects for the future of this sector, as well as the impact that the pandemic had on the performance of its professionals.

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Eurozone house prices rose 4,9% in the third quarter

In relation to the previous quarter, the biggest increases were seen in Hungary (5,2%,), Denmark (4,2%) and Latvia (3,7%), while the most significant decreases were observed in Cyprus (4,8 %), Romania (2,6%), Italy (2,5%) and Croatia (0,6%).

Tourism crisis triggers 67% house rental

In turn, the price of apartments for sale increased by an average of 6% to 2.146 euros \ m2. With the exception of Viseu, which fell 4,62%, all districts registered a price increase last year.