Return to life

There is an exhibition that brings together extraordinary names at the Portuguese Center of Surrealism, a unique institution in the country. A pretext for distrusting and returning to life.

Opened this Saturday at the Cupertino de Miranda Foundation, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, the exhibition “only imagination transforms”. Works by 33 extraordinary names of Portuguese surrealism that are now owned by the Portuguese Center of Surrealism based in that same Foundation.

Today it is not possible to study Portuguese surrealism, or even have a complete picture of world surrealism, without visiting the city of Famalicão and the Portuguese Surrealism Center.

Cesariny's estate is there and there are works by almost all Portuguese artists who, near or far, sailed the waters of Breton's “crazy love”. Cruzeiro Seixas, Isabel Meyreles, António Dacosta, Cândido Costa Pinto (yes, the covers of the Vampiro and Argonauta collections), Mário Botas, Pedro Oom, Alexandre O'Neil and many others are the guarantee that “only imagination transforms. Only the imagination upsets ”.

The theme could not be more appropriate in the first face-to-face exhibition of the Portuguese Center for Surrealism, after the relief of space and time restrictions in which we have been involved for the past three months. The surrealist message of the imagination as action of the world refers to the “lived life” regardless of the conditions and limitations that the world around us creates. And in this, the Surrealists were pioneers in stating that freedom (imagination, life, love) resists power, illness and death itself.

Portuguese surrealists, better than anyone else, knew what they were talking about. Even in a dictatorship - see the pamphlet of “Delfim da Costa, the city's cangalheiro” (Luiz Pacheco, Manuel de Lima and Natália Correia) - ironically, they paid homage to those “who are only alive because they have nowhere to fall dead” .

Reasons for celebrating the return to life of the Portuguese Center of Surrealism, a unique institution in the country, which well deserves to be more and better known.

The author writes according to old spelling.


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