Revolut launches “homebanking” web application

As with the mobile phone 'app', Revolut customers are able to add money to their account via bank transfer, debit or credit card or Apple Pay with this new tool. The website is protected by a two-factor authentication system.

Revolut already has an application website to serve the approximately 13 million customers in the European Economic Area (EEA) - which includes Portugal - Australia, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan and the United States. That is, anyone who has an account with the British fintech can now access it through their portable computers or desktop as an alternative to Whatsapp mobile.

The website is protected by a two-factor authentication system and contains the overview of the Revolut account, transaction history and cards, which can be frozen or thawed online. THE web app, which works as home banking, allows you to block or unblock your PIN and manage other account security features.

“Whether a customer loses his Revolut phone or card, if he is the victim of a theft or, simply, if he prefers to access his account from his computer, the Revolut web app offers them the flexibility and security they need, in terms of it concerns your money ”, explained the company, in a statement released this Tuesday.

As with the application they use on their smartphones, Revolut customers are able, with this new tool, to add money to their account via bank transfer, debit or credit card or Apple Pay (where the service is available, with the browser Safari).

“Access to accounts through the browser has been a requirement for our customers for a long time, so we are very pleased to have created a web app safe and convenient that everyone can use if they want or need it. Our customers can access their money wherever they are, at any time, even if they do not have their mobile phone or card with them, or simply if they prefer another method of access than the application ”, says the CEO and founder of Revolut.

To access the web app, it is necessary to enter the Revolut secure login page, enter the phone number and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. “It's great to be able to have the convenience and extra flexibility with this online option,” says Nik Storonsky.

The EEA includes, in addition to Portugal, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg , Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Romania and Sweden.

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