PremiumRicardo Costa: Identity refined according to time

40 years old, 20 years of career and 10 years in front of The Yeatman restaurant, with an unmissable view over the Douro River. Chef Ricardo Costa adds round numbers of age and experience, in addition to the two Michelin stars he already had on the menu, in a year that is not being easy for the world. We went to meet the man behind the chef's jacket.

On one of the slopes of the Douro, more specifically on the banks of Vila Nova de Gaia, stands The Yeatman, whose kitchen has been in charge of chef Ricardo Costa for 10 years.

With his sleeves rolled up and ready to dominate the kitchen he commands, the chef who was born in 1980 celebrates this year three round numbers: 40 years old, 20 years of career as a chef and 10 years in front of the gastronomic restaurant The Yeatman, which was born precisely in 2010.

Ricardo Costa is from Aveiro, but it was in Vila Nova de Gaia that he became executive chef in 2010, and where in 2011 and 2017 the gastronomic restaurant reached, under his leadership and authority, the maximum exponent that any luxury cuisine in Portugal dreams of. reach: Michelin stars, in this case the gastronomic restaurant even adds up to two.

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PremiumPaulo de Morais: “I would vote for Ana Gomes for President”

He will not be re-elected and would hardly vote for the reelection of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. In an interview with Jornal Económico, the university professor and author of “The Little Black Book of Corruption”, says that he respects “institutionally” the current President, but thinks that “he has so dismayed the function that he even devalued presidential candidacies”. Ana Gomes and her fight against corruption are pleasing to Paulo de Morais.

PremiumPaulo de Morais: “If schools were like Justice, they were in the academic year 1999”

In the “Little Black Book of Corruption”, Paulo de Morais traces the main schemes, from Expo 98 to BES and Novo Banco, going through Euro 2004 and BPN. He has doubts about the Government's plan to curb corruption and challenges the permissibility of Justice and regulators.

PremiumHoward Bilton: “Portugal offers the best value for money in world wines”

"The only thing that is still holding back the expansion of Portuguese wines, in my opinion, is the lack of cooperation between all wine producers," said Howard Bilton to Jornal Económico