Russia announces it will cooperate with Iran

The Russian foreign minister said his country would immediately begin cooperation with Iran as soon as the arms embargo expires - which will happen in October.

Russia announced on Thursday that it rejects the threat of imposing new United States sanctions on Iran and said it plans to negotiate with Tehran once the UN arms embargo expires, which will happen next October. The embargo on the sale of conventional weapons to Iran is due to expire on October 18, after the United States has failed to obtain support for a new UN resolution.

Donald Trump said he decided to unilaterally reinstate virtually all UN sanctions against Iran, lifted under the aegis of the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran. Washington said it would try to stop Iran from buying Chinese tanks and Russian air defense systems, but speaking alongside Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, considered the threats illegal.

"Russia will in no way build its policies on the basis of these aggressive illegal threats," said Lavrov, quoted in the media. And he expressed hope that other countries that cooperate with Iran will do the same.

"The fact that the United States threatens sanctions against anyone who contradicts the American interpretation of the current situation once again confirms that Washington wants to behave like an elephant in a china shop," added Lavrov. It is recalled that this Wednesday, in his speech at the 75th general assembly of the United Nations, Chinese President Xi Pinping also said he was not interested in a unilateral world headed from Washington.

"In my opinion, the current [United States] government has lost diplomatic skills almost irreversibly," said Lavrov, who added that Russia and other European countries have continued negotiations with Washington on the issue.

Trump recently said in a presidential campaign that if he wins the elections on November 3, he will have an opportunity to reach a new deal with Tehran, but analysts do not seem to have been very convinced of this possibility.

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