PremiumRuth Bader Ginsburg: The tough and combative liberal of the Supreme

At 87, the US Supreme Court judge was hospitalized for the second time this year, first to treat a stubborn (third) cancer and now for minor surgery. With liberals in the minority in court (4-5), and in an election year, Ginsburg refuses to step down as long as he is fit. And for now, it still is, he guarantees.

"The Notorious RBG". The title of a book about Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a play on words with “The Notorious BIG”, the stage name of an influential and restless American rapper who died murdered in 1997. The book is one of many that describes the Supreme Court judge of the United States as a liberal who defends his points of view outright and who is stone and lime in office, resisting political maneuvers to try to convince her to resign and also to health problems, serious and less serious.

At 87, Bader Ginsburg is admitted to a New York hospital, having undergone a non-surgical and non-invasive operation on the bile duct. The judge is, according to doctors, "resting comfortably" and is expected to be discharged later this week. It is the second hospitalization this year, after receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer in May, which he had already undergone in 2009. Before that, Bader Ginsburg had already overcome, also through surgery, a colon cancer, in 1999 , and in a lung, in 2018.

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PremiumOne fifth of management positions in listed companies are in accumulation

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