Santos Silva responds to the United States. Portugal is "who makes decisions"

The head of Portuguese diplomacy warned today that the decision maker in Portugal is the Government, in response to statements by the United States ambassador, who demanded that Lisbon choose between its allies and China.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, commented, in statements to the Lusa agency, and an interview by George Glass to the Portuguese weekly Expresso, in which he defended that Portugal has to choose between the “friends and allies” USA and the “economic partner” China, warning that choosing China on issues such as 5G could have consequences in terms of defense.

“The Portuguese Government records the statements […]. But the fundamental point is this: in Portugal, the decision makers are the Portuguese authorities, who make the decisions that interest Portugal, within the framework of the Constitution and Portuguese law and the powers that the law attributes to the different to the different relevant authorities ” , said.


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