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The restructuring of a company is often associated with insolvency. Can we say that this is a stigma in Portugal? Find out everything in this JE editors talks.


Drivers' Union criticizes lack of explanations of IP

Despite strong criticism of IP, SMAQ guarantees that it will refrain from making further statements on this matter, preferring to wait, “serenely, and confident in the competence of GPIAFF, for the final report”.
cais do sodré, pink street

SMEs say new government measures "are to shout to the skies"

“The latest measures announced by the Government for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are to shout to the skies”, affirms in a statement to CPPME, adding that “the permission for night bars and clubs to be able to open from 08:00 to 20:00 , in pastry service, it can only be a bad joke ”.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry network resumes market research in September

Business missions are planned for Serbia, Morocco, Poland, Azerbaijan and Ivory Coast,