See JE editors talks now: Patents and Industrial Property

What remains to be done to make the country more competitive in the field of patents and industrial property? Watch JE editors talks and find out the answer.


Support line for micro and small businesses available starting this Wednesday

To be able to apply, companies will have to experience an abrupt and sharp drop in at least 40% of their turnover, and they will not have been able to benefit from previous lines of credit with mutual guarantee. SPGM warns that companies in difficulty cannot be based in countries or regions with a more favorable tax regime ('offshore') ”.

Pharmaceutical Pfizer starts clinical trial with almost 30 thousand participants

American pharmaceutical Pfizer and German biotechnology company BioNTech have started a clinical trial of a potential vaccine for Covid-19 involving about 30 participants, it was announced on Wednesday.

Facebook launches version of Tik Tok through Instagram

Reels is the application that Mark Zuckerberg's company created to face rival Tik Tok. The launch comes days after Microsoft announces negotiations to acquire the US operations of the ByteDance video application in China.