Shopping center tenants will only have to pay a variable part of the rent until March 31, 2021

Communist proposal limits payments to the part calculated based on the sales of each store, the fixed component being suspended until the second quarter of next year. And it points out support to housing tenants and landlords whose property income is reduced below subsistence.

REUTERS / Fabrizio Bensch

Shopping center tenants will not be required to pay minimum rents until March 31, 2021, following the approval of a proposal to amend the Supplementary Budget submitted by the PCP. Unanimously approved in the vote on the specialty held this Wednesday at the Budget and Finance Committee, the communist initiative stipulates that only the variable component of income, calculated on sales made, will be due to the owners of the shopping centers, while also maintaining the responsibilities contractually agreed that have to do with common charges.

Initial points of the communist proposal were also approved, in this case thanks to the change of vote of the CDS-PP, which changed to favorable, joining the PCP and PS, which foresees the request for an income moratorium to the Institute of Housing and Rehabilitation Urbana (IHRU) in the case of housing tenants and guarantors of students without income from work that have a drop in income and are unable to pay the rent of their permanent residence.

On the other hand, landlords who have an equal loss of income may request the IHRU to grant an interest-free loan to offset the amount of monthly rent due and do not pay whenever the remaining disposable income of their household falls, for this reason, below. of the IAS value.


BES 'liabilities to the Directors' Pension Fund will be extinguished

ASF authorized the extinguishment of pension liabilities of the former executive directors of BES.

Minipreço owner's sales grew 6,3% in the second quarter of 2020

Comparable sales ('like-for-like') of the distribution group operating in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Argentina recorded an increase of 14,9% in the period under review compared to the second quarter of 2019, “with all markets positive for the first time since the 4th quarter of 2016 ”.

BES and ESFG in legal dispute by ES Health Care Investment

ESFG and BES are dragging a legal dispute over the 17,74% stake in Espírito Santo Health Care Investment and the dividends it has distributed to BES in the amount of 9,23 million. More recently, ESFG challenged the list of creditors recognized by BES, before the Court of Commerce, for not recognizing their right to these assets, which BES is still going to contest.