"Must be recommended". Ordem dos Médicos takes a stand against mandatory StayAway Covid application

Institution led by Miguel Guimarães joins the chorus of voices that in civil society and in the party sphere take a public position against the mandatory use of the 'app'.

President of the Portuguese Medical Association, Miguel Guimarães

Ordem dos Médicos afirma-se contra a obrigatoriedade da utilização da aplicação StayAway Covid em Portugal, defendendo que a ‘app’ deve apenas ser recomendada.

“The StayAway Covid application is only useful in complementarity with other measures to control the pandemic and its interest is scarce in isolation. There is no robust scientific evidence that its use can significantly contribute to reducing the incidence of covid-19 ”, justifies the Ordem dos Médicos, in a statement.

In addition, the institution led by Miguel Guimarães considers that “the mandatory installation, use and respective inspection, calls into question fundamental ethical issues underlying the experience of a democratic state, by not preserving the confidentiality and protection of personal data, and interfere with fundamental freedoms and individual rights, which we all want to protect ”.

Há ainda um terceiro fator a ter em conta, acrescenta a Ordem dos Médicos: “uma parte significativa da população portuguesa, talvez até a mais vulnerável, nem sequer tem os equipamentos móveis necessários para instalar a aplicação StayAway Covid”.

“It is not with unrealistic measures, without solid scientific evidence, creating false expectations of security, that we help to build an effective combat front. It is true that we are fighting an unknown enemy, we are dealing with uncertainty. But we cannot lose track ”, states the document.

Tudo somado, a Ordem considera que a instalação e utilização da ‘app’ portuguesa deve ser recomendada, mas em circunstância alguma ser obrigatória.

The Government handed over this week a proposal in Parliament to make it mandatory both to wear a mask on public roads and to use the StayAway Covid application in work, school and academic contexts, as well as in the Armed Forces, Security Forces and administration public, and the mandatory 'app' generated a wave of criticism in both sectors of civil society and the party sphere.

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