Spain decrees a new state of emergency. Measure may continue until May 9

The measure was approved this morning in the Council of Ministers and could last at least six months. The curfew will take effect between 23 pm and 00 am across the country.

Borja Puig de la Bellacasa (Moncloa)

The Spanish Council of Ministers met this Sunday to approve a new state of emergency. The measure responds to requests from several Spanish autonomous regions to provide a legal framework for the measures that have been adopted by each region. The Canaries are left out due to a better response to the pandemic.

The decision may be extended until at least 9 May, and the curfew between 23:00 and 06:XNUMX in the country will be effective from today. which can be adjusted by the autonomies in an hour for sooner or later.

During the press conference this afternoon, the head of the Spanish executive justifies that this is the most effective tool to curb the contagion curve that in the last two weeks has recorded an incidence of almost 362 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants.

According to “El País”, in addition to night confinement, it will be restricting gatherings to six people in public spaces and circulation between some autonomous communities for others, except for justifiable reasons, such as work reasons, to buy medicine or assisting elders or children.

The Spanish newspaper also indicates that currently the government can only approve the state of emergency for 15 days, but the document approving this state of emergency refers to the need for Congress to extend it for longer. This is to avoid repeating what happened in the previous state of emergency, which required voting every two weeks for its extension.

Spain thus returns to a state of emergency for the third time, seven months after the Sanchéz government adopted the measure on March 14, as a way to control the spread of the pandemic in the country, and weeks after Madrid adopted this measure in the region. autonomous. The measure comes after Spain has become the first of the European bloc to exceed the margin of one million confirmed cases, last Wednesday.

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