Supplementary Budget: PCP was the party with the most approved proposals. Enough and IL didn't get any

The PCP was able to approve nine amendments to the Supplementary Budget in the specialty. The Communists were followed closely by the Social Democratic Party (PSD), which saw eight of its proposals approved. The Chega initiatives and the Liberal Initiative were all rejected.

The Communist Party (PCP) was the party that managed to include more proposals for changes in the final text of the Supplementary Budget, whose voting on the specialty ended this Wednesday. The Communists were able to approve nine proposals for change, closely followed by the Social Democratic Party (PSD), which saw eight of its proposals approved.

From the package 52 amendments proposed by the PCP in the specialty, nine were approved. These include extending the suspension of payment on account automatically to all micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), the early return of unused special account payments to MSMEs and cooperatives, and support for the payment of housing rents and non-housing. The three proposals were voted against by the Socialist Party (PS).

The PCP was also able to ensure the reinforcement of the hiring of Workers for the National Health Service (SNS), as well as the reinforcement of the capacity in acute and intensive care, the constitution of a strategic reserve of medicines and devices, which met reserves on the right and also the “exemption from proof that Covid-19 disease is a direct consequence of the health sector workers exercising their profession”.

Parliament also partially approved the PCP proposal that provides for the maintenance of the referent of the tuition fee for the award of scholarships in Higher Education and consideration of the household income obtained in 2020. The vote was made by points and only Articles 1 and 19 were approved, with the PS voting against and the Liberal Initiative abstaining, to which the PSD and CDS-PP joined in some points.

In percentage terms, the PSD was the party that managed to get more proposals approved in the Assembly of the Republic. The Social Democrats had initially presented 15 proposed amendments (which were being replaced) and received approval to include eight in the Supplementary Budget, thanks to negotiations in the 25th hour with the PS.

The enlargement of the extraordinary support for reducing the economic activity of microentrepreneurs and sole proprietors (managing partners) it was one of the measures that benefited from these understandings with the PS, which ended up making the proposal viable through abstention. The same happened with the approval of the proposal to decrease the guarantee periods for access to unemployment benefit and to the cessation benefit.

The PSD also managed to guarantee an extraordinary increase in the vacation period of SNS workers involved in combating Covid-19, the deduction, for a period of 12 years, of the tax losses of the years 2020 and 2021 to taxable profits, as well as the redemption of retirement savings plans (PPR), education savings plans (PPE) or retirement savings / education plans (PPR / E) without penalty until December 31.

BE manages to approve six proposals. CDS-PP, PAN and PEV each achieve three

The final text of the budget proposal will also count on six proposals from the Left Block (BE), including the 100% drop guarantee, up to a limit of 28 days, for patients infected with Covid-19, the contribution of the non-deductible bank for the purpose of determining the taxable profit in IRC and the creation of an extraordinary unemployment benefit and cessation of activity for lawyers and solicitors.

The blockers were also able to approve the prohibition of excluding children from daycare centers due to the non-payment of the monthly fee during the confinement period and the impediment of being charged food and transportation expenses to the families, during the period when the daycare centers were closed. In addition, BE was also able to partially approve the proposal to exclude companies based in offshore public support.

O CDS-PP, which voted against the Supplementary Budget in general, received favorable votes to include three of its nine proposed amendments to the document: the availability of concrete data relating to the national strategic reserve in health, the reinforcement of palliative care and the suspension of the mandatory return of free schoolbooks delivered in the school year. 2019/2020.

Parliament also approved three PAN proposals in the areas of health, education and animal welfare. They are the strengthening of public health professionals in the national epidemiological surveillance network, more support measures for Higher Education institutions in the field of scientific research in higher education and the granting by the Government of authorization to the local administration to include it in the monies allocated to official collection centers for expenditure on animal welfare programs.

The Ecological Party “Os Verdes” (ENP) also saw three of its 20 proposals approved. The final text of the Supplementary Budget now includes the exclusion of public support from companies based in tax havens, the exceptional phasing of the payment of daycare fees due to Covid-19 and the creation of an exceptional payment system in installments for tax debts and debts to Social Security.

The Chega initiatives and the Liberal Initiative were all rejected.

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