Madeira's Supplementary Budget forecasts 296 million more expenses

The current expenditure forecast is 1,4 billion and 609 million euros for capital expenditures.

The Supplementary Budget of Madeira provides for an additional 296 million euros of expenditure in relation to the Budget of the Autonomous Region (ORAM) for the year 2020.

This Budget, delivered today by the Vice-President of the Regional Government, Pedro Calado, to the President of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, José Manuel Rodrigues, contemplates a total expenditure of two billion, compared to the 1,7 billion of ORAM.

The Secretariat of Health is the one that registers a greater increase in expenditure compared to ORAM, now contemplating 438 million euros, which means an increase of 115 million.

The Vice-Presidency and Parliamentary Affairs have an increase of 81 million euros, followed by the Secretaries of Social Inclusion and Citizenship, with another 34 million, and the Secretariat of Economy, with another 33 million euros. The Secretariat for Education, Science and Technology also shows a significant increase of 16 million euros.

The current expenditure forecast is 1,4 billion and 609 million euros for capital expenditures.

Current expenses thus fall by 256 million euros, compared to ORAM, and capital expenditures fall by 39 million.

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