Madeira's Supplementary Budget foresees an additional 296 million euros in revenue

The Supplementary Budget proposal, in terms of revenue, rises from 1,7 billion euros to two billion euros, when compared to the Regional Budget.

Madeira's Supplementary Budget proposal, delivered this Monday, foresees a revenue of two billion euros, of which 1,9 billion euros are related to current and capital revenues, which represents another 296 million euros when compared to the 1,7 billion euros of the 2020 Regional Budget proposal.

The Supplementary Budget foresees a drop of 98 million euros in direct taxes, and a decrease of 89 million euros in indirect taxes.

Current revenues fall by 186 million euros up by 483 million euros.

In the combined current and capital income, there was an increase of 296 million euros.


Supplementary Budget of Madeira contemplates indebtedness of 489 million euros

The Supplementary Budget of the autonomous region includes the authorization of net indebtedness provided for in the Supplementary Budget of the State, corresponding to 10% of the regional Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 2018, explained the executive vice president.

Madeira: PS defends Regional School Mental Health Plan and more resources for educational establishments

In the view of the socialist deputy, this work must be done not only within the school, but must also involve health centers, SESARAM, other technicians and nurses in this specialty.

16% of Madeira's employed population say they worked from home

Of those who report having been telecommuting, 88% say that the main reason was due to the pandemic, while in the national territory the percentage rose to 91%.

Madeira Regional Government approves 84 euros in program contracts

There are three program contracts worth 60 thousand, 15 thousand and 9 thousand and 500 euros.