TAP: CDS-PP criticizes PS for forcing Portuguese to pay “hole” to serve only Lisbon

The CDS-PP said that the Socialist Government considers that “the Portuguese have an obligation to pay TAP's financial hole”, but only to serve the Lisbon region.

The CDS-PP said this Sunday that the Socialist Government considers that "the Portuguese are obliged to pay the financial hole for TAP", but only to serve the Lisbon region, since Porto was abandoned by the airline.

“Minister Pedro Nunos Santos, with unfortunate arrogance, affirms that 'TAP belongs to the Portuguese people, for good and for evil', meaning that the Portuguese taxpayers must pay without questioning the Party's ideological and expenditures Socialist ”, criticizes the CDS-PP, in a statement sent to the Lusa agency, signed by Vice President Raul Almeida.

The CDS-PP condemns the fact that, for Pedro Nuno Santos and for the socialist government, “all Portuguese have an obligation to pay TAP's financial hole, but only the Lisbon region has the right to be served” by the company.

“To our absolute perplexity, TAP, which all Portuguese people pay, leaves Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, the most important in the northwest of the peninsular, with the lame excuse of lack of profitability in the operation, an excuse, however, completely denied by the chronic loss of some untouched routes from Lisbon ”, he criticizes.

According to the centrists, "the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport has known, until the pandemic period, a constant growth, as a result of the operation of different companies".

“Interestingly, the German flag company operates fundamental routes from Porto in a profitable way, without German taxpayers having to support it with their taxes. TAP, apparently, does not have a management capable of achieving this ”, he points out.

The Socialist Government, condemns the CDS-PP, despite the injection of taxpayers' money into TAP, "does not question the public service, territorial cohesion or contributory equity".

"The CDS questions all this, shocked by the scandal that constitutes this inexplicable decision, demanding political responsibility from those who have it and defending Portugal as a whole, and never at the expense of others", he concludes.

On Thursday, at a hearing at the Commission for Economy, Innovation, Public Works and Housing, in parliament, the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, said that the four routes created at Porto airport, to Amsterdam, Milan, Zurich and Ponta Delgada have “46% of the average capacity” and are “currently a loss for TAP”.

“Apparently, it is the four routes from Porto that are damaging to TAP. The Lisbon routes will pay off. The new Lisbon / Bilbao route must be a 'must' in terms of profitability and very important for a national strategy. Promoting visits to the Basque Gugenheim is 'top'. But, sir, this is good news, ”the mayor of Porto, the independent Rui Moreira, joked the following day, in a post on his Facebook page.

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