TAP: Restructuring plan provides for dismissal of 750 land workers

 TAP's restructuring plan provides for the dismissal of 750 land workers and a 25% cut in the wage bill, except for the lowest wages, according to a joint statement from seven unions, released today.

“With regard to land personnel, a reduction of 450 M&E workers, plus 300 head office workers, that is, a total of 750 land workers”, reads the statement signed by the Union of Economists (SE), Union of Engineers (SERS), Union of Accountants (SICONT), Union of Metallurgical and Related Industries (SIMA), National Union of Civil Aviation Workers (SINTAC), Union of Commercial Aviation Staff (SQAC) and the Union of Handling Technicians 'from Airports (STHA).

Furthermore, the unions representing the aviation ground personnel were informed, at Friday's meeting with the administration, that these professionals will suffer a “cut of 25% in the wage bill, above a guaranteed minimum value, that is , there are no cuts in lower wages ”.
The platform of unions representing TAP workers also mentioned that they had been informed of the global reduction of 3.000 staff, through voluntary measures, such as termination by mutual agreement, long-term unpaid leave, part-time work and others. mechanisms still under analysis.

The unions recalled that, in addition to that number, "collective redundancies should be added in the dimension necessary to reach the number of 3.000 workers" and "about 1.600 fixed-term workers that from April 2020 to March 2021 have not renewed or will renew" , which totals a reduction of “4.600 in a universe of almost 11.000 workers in January 2020”.

"In view of this scenario, we immediately demonstrated our deep displeasure at the fact that there was no working meeting with the unions, which led to - attempted - presentation of fait accompli, which we always said we would not accept", accused the unions.

The structure also highlighted the abandonment of Government support to a progressive resumption, starting on December 01st, which means that workers return to fulfill their full schedule.
In his view, that decision demonstrates the “objective of the Government”, which is “to dismiss 60 days after the support received”.

In a communication to workers, to which Lusa had access, TAP management said that it will propose to workers a package of voluntary measures, which will include terminations by mutual agreement, long-term unpaid leave and part-time work, and admits cuts transversal wages and redundancies.

In addition to voluntary measures that will be presented “in the coming weeks”, the Board of Directors adds that “scenarios such as suspension of the payment of some remuneration supplements, transversal salary cuts, are placed for discussion, guaranteeing a minimum amount that ensures the protection of lower salaries. low, and the possibility of adapting the number of workers to an operation that in the coming years will be reduced by 30% to 50%, thus going back to values ​​experienced for more than a decade ”.

The management of the Civil Aviation Pilots Union (SPAC), in a note to its members, said that Lusa also had access, that TAP's restructuring plan foresees the dismissal of 500 pilots and the reduction of 25% of its employees. salary.

TAP's restructuring plan, prepared by the consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG), within the scope of state support of up to 1.200 million euros, must be delivered to the European Commission by 10 December.

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TAP: Restructuring plan provides for dismissal of 500 pilots and reduction of wages

TAP's restructuring plan provides for the dismissal of 500 pilots and a 25% reduction in their salaries, according to information released today by the Civil Aviation Pilots Union (SPAC) after meeting with the administration.

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