Teachers Union Association accuses Government of neglecting positive cases of COVID-19 in schools

In an open letter to the Prime Minister, the Association of Licensed Teachers asks the Government to pay more attention to the pandemic prevention and mitigation strategy in schools, which involves testing students, teachers and staff.

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A Associação Sindical de Professores Licenciados (ASPL) diz não compreender como pode o Governo “dar tanto ênfase à utilização da aplicação StayAway Covid” –  embora considere que se trata de “uma ferramenta útil para identificar potenciais exposições a pessoas infetadas, procurando-se, dessa forma, quebrar as cadeias de transmissão – e tratar com “tanta ligeireza as situações de Covid-19 nas escolas”.

In an open letter to the Prime Minister, António Costa, the ASPL defends that the strategy of prevention and mitigation of the pandemic of Covid-19 in schools is essential to be able to invert the high numbers of positive cases registered in the country, recently. And this involves testing the educational community. “It would make perfect sense and it would be easier and more effective to also test students, teachers and operational assistants who, in each school, were in contact with positive cases”, says the document. Especially because, justifies, in schools, students are organized by class and by assigned spaces, which facilitates their identification.

In schools, according to ASPL, which cites information from several associate professors, "the procedure of testing those involved, at least members of the same class, is rarely adopted." The usual procedure, he adds, “is limited to testing only the students who are sitting closest (to the side, and immediately in front and behind) of those who tested positive, as if in the intervals, in the corridors, at the exit and at the entrance of the school, did not contact the other classmates, at the very least ”.

O documento refere ainda que a agravar esta “situação negligente do Governo” está o facto de as autoridades de saúde “não estarem a recomendar não só a testagem, como a prescrição de isolamento profilático, continuando alunos, professores e assistentes operacionais que estiveram em contacto com casos positivos, a frequentar a escola, como se nada tivesse acontecido”.

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