Technological creates platform to measure temperature and detect mask with a camera

For the commercialization of this system, the Portuguese company Quantico Solutions has the help of partner Beltrão Coelho.

The technology is from Quantico Solutions and is based on a thermographic camera that, in addition to reading the temperature, can also identify whether a person has a mask. The proposals to avoid contagion by the new coronavirus succeed and which may become part of the life of the Portuguese in society in the near future.

Uniksystem had already shown a biometric system for measuring temperature at a distance, Smart City Monitor announced what will be the standard traffic light that we will see on the beaches and Proside wants to adapt a app yours to control access to the sands.

Now, there is another national company with a technological solution in line with that announced by Uniksystem, with practically the same objective: non-intrusive temperature measurement. The results can be used to detect one of the symptoms of the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-19 virus, fever.

This platform is based on a screen and a thermal imager that analyzes a person and determines the temperature. This is done using infrared at a distance ranging from 30 centimeters to 1,5 meters. According to Quantico Solutions, the accuracy rate is 0,3 degrees.

In addition to measuring temperatures, the camera can also see if the person is wearing a mask, by facial recognition: here, the accuracy rate is 99%, says the company responsible for the technology.

Regarding the practical application of this camera, Quantico Solutions gives two great examples: it can be implemented in companies, next to the point machine or in public places, such as supermarkets or hotels. In the latter, however, the facial recognition function is "disabled" to "ensure the protection of customers' personal data".

For the commercialization of this system, Quantico Solutions counts on the help of Beltrão Coelho, partner of the project.

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