Arrives tests approach to PSD and wants to meet with CDS

“Said the dr. Rui Rio who admitted to talking to future bridges. Sunday is the day to accomplish these steps. We can be together in the Praça do Município ”, reads the letter that Ventura sent to Rio.

Mário Cruz / Lusa

André Ventura's invited the president of PSD, Rui Rio, to participate in the right-wing “counter-demonstration” that he called for Sunday, in downtown Lisbon: “Said dr. Rui Rio who admitted to talking to future bridges. Sunday is the day to accomplish these steps. We can be together at Praça do Município and go up Rua do Ouro together, a sign of a new and reinvigorated right that will not be bent on the interests of the system ”, reads the letter sent by Chega's resigning president to the social-democratic leader, to which Agência Lusa had access.

André Ventura concludes the text by anticipating that “the future between Chega and PSD may start next Sunday”. The concentration of Chega is marked for Praça do Município, followed by a “slow march through the streets of downtown Lisbon”, passing through Praça da Figueira and “ending with public interventions”, again on the square opposite the Lisbon City Hall in order to have “greater interaction with citizens”.

This concentration was called after the announcement of several anti-racist demonstrations in Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Beja, paying tribute to the Portuguese actor Bruno Candé, shot dead last Saturday, in the middle of Moscavide street.

The letter was sent after Rui Rio publicly affirmed that he thought he could come to establish talks with Chega de André Ventura, in the circumstance that this extreme right party left the radical area. Rio's stance deserved the greatest criticism from several commentators - who claim that Rui Rio's PSD should under no circumstances' whiten 'the positions of André Ventura's Chega, which will happen if the Social Democrats' join hands to the far right.

However, also this Friday, Chega requested the president of the CDS-PP, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, a meeting next week to "discuss presidential elections" [from January 2021], according to a source in the direction.


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