The Dutch were right

Politics has become a real marshy theater, where fiction and reality are mixed in such a way that it is no longer possible to avoid the failure of this system.

Politics has become a real marshy theater, where fiction and reality are mixed in such a way that it is no longer possible to avoid the failure of this system.

The promises of investment in infrastructure, rail or airport, in the National Health System, in the improvement of the education system or in the judicial system, come up against reality, on a daily basis.

The country's management has become an ideological reality show, where what matters are the announcements of measures and incentives, the majority of which are just announcements.

Short-term management takes us to a mortgaged country, with reduced potential growth and increasingly dependent on subsidies. We have been overtaken by all the countries that entered the European Union this millennium, without any responsibility or reasons being established.

We have received billions of euros, and now that 58 billion more, or 26% of GDP, is approaching, we are merely announcing that this is the last opportunity. I remember similar speeches when we joined the euro, many of them given by people who are still in politics.

By preventing the accountability of the announced strategies and investments, whether in terms of compliance or their effectiveness, it avoids correcting the future economic strategy. What is the result of the strategies announced in the last 20 years? That of the decade, that of the national decision-making centers, that of Lisbon or the industrial strategy ...

There are so many strategies that it is easy for a citizen to stop following and lose interest. But the system is made for that. Corruption, conflicts of interest, billions of businesses done to the detriment of the national economy, show that the country's course has not changed in any way.

The most recent post-fall investigations by the Espírito Santo Group report monumental profits made by foreign entities with the purchase at a discount of assets at the expense of shareholders, bondholders and now national taxpayers. The biggest example, still little talked about, will be that of the insurance company Tranquilidade.

And if taxpayers thought they were protected up to now, let them go. The Resolution Fund will be a hole to be paid by all of us, since Banco de Portugal, ECB and Government already know that the financial system cannot pay it. In practice, the country's management is all about pushing problems and throwing money at them, at least as long as there is. When it does not go well, the fault lies with external factors, the crisis, the Netherlands, the financial system or capitalism.

The problem never lies with the politicians who have governed us for decades with the same results and objectives - to stay ahead of Greece. This money that comes here must be supervised by the European Union or we will fall into it: the benefit of some, mortgaging the next century for many.


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