The gang of five: the CPAS saga

The CPAS issue is no longer what we can do for others. It became what we can do for ourselves. For each one of us.

From the #margemaAGE series

(Preliminary note: I see the electoral result in the Azores as a demonstration that karma, or something for it, gives us back what we gave before. It is always fascinating to see the contortion of our alleged representatives when something they don't like. case of the PS now defending the opposite of what it said when it came to the Government, it was also the case with those who spoke out against the referendum on euthanasia and who, however, were the driving force of referenda on the decriminalization of abortion. memory in this country is to live without permission and on a countercyclical but it is fun. When humorists fail, politicians remain.)

Apologizing for returning to a topic that says little to other citizens and that is a burden for lawyers, behold, their social security system (I would say and a system just to exhaust their patience) is back on the agenda.

I make my declaration of interests: I am one of those who has not yet decided whether to opt for Social Security, but I am also one of those who believes that everyone should have a chance to choose.

For a start, the help to these professionals, although it had been announced with pomp and circumstance, it was quickly realized that, unlike what happened with all other citizens, access to the same would presuppose that we had previously sued all family members, in order to demonstrate the alleged deficiency situation. In other words, those who do not have money due to the pandemic situation, would spend what little they have on justice fees to, in ten years' time and if they were still alive, access a paltry amount, while the monthly bills continue. to win.

Then, while the solicitors gave a sign of strength and approved a decision on the possibility of opting to join Social Security, the lawyers still do not see the AG scheduled to discuss this issue. Between difficulties in obtaining signatures and the obvious obstacle of said scheduling, the truth is that the months go by and nothing happens. Nothing to be surprised, if you look at what has been the work of this Bastonato, better able to determine audits that no one requested or to pronounce on themes of the Association of Owners than to do something that he promised in the election campaign.

However, as if nothing was and as if that black hole served its purposes, here is announced, by the band of five, an increase in the monthly contributions that we are obliged to make, whether we receive a lot, or have earned nothing.

The CPAS issue is no longer what we can do for others. It became what we can do for ourselves. For each one of us. It is true that humor saves us but does not kill hunger.

The author writes according to the old spelling.


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