European Commission approves public recapitalization of Finnair 286 million

The capital increase at Finnair is expected to approach 500 million euros and the State, the majority shareholder in the airline, with a 55,8% position, should receive subscription to new shares in the amount of 286 million euros.

The European Commission approved this Wednesday the plan of recapitalization of the Finnish airline, Finnair, in the amount of 286 million euros. The recapitalization involves the Finnish State's subscription of new shares, which were issued on 10 June, following the economic crisis caused by Covid-19.

In a statement, Margrethe Vestager, executive vice president of the European Commission, and commissioner for competition, said that “Finnair provides the domestic and international connections that Finland needs. Due to the country's geographic location, the national economy and many jobs, as well as the development of international trade, fall on these services [from Finnair] ”.

"The public contribution of 286 million euros to the recapitalization of Finnair will help the company in a company that was particularly affected by the coronavirus crisis", said the European commissioner.

The Commission's note also explains that the capital increase in Finnair should approach 500 million euros and that the State, the majority shareholder in the airline, with a 55,8% position, should receive subscription to new shares in the amount 286 million euros. The remaining shares will be traded on the market.

The Commission had already approved a € 600 million loan from Finland to Finnair in order to mitigate the economic impact of Covid-19 on the airline.

This Wednesday, the Commission gave the green light to the Government's request to support TAP in the amount of 1,2 billion, considering that the plan allows “immediate liquidity without distorting” the competition rules. The Brussels announcement explains that Portugal has guaranteed that TAP will return the loan or will have to submit a restructuring plan in six months.

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Brussels gives 'green light' at the request of the Government for aid of 1,2 billion to TAP

The European Commission announced today that it has approved Portugal's request for financial aid to the airline. The authorization comes after the Portuguese authorities have pledged that TAP will repay the loan or present a restructuring plan within six months.

Operators' proposals exceed 194 million euros on the fifth day of the main 5G auction

At auction there are bands from 700 MHz, 900 MHz, 2,1 GHz, 2,6 GHz and 3,6 GHz. In the set of more than 50 lots in competition, the total base price is 195,9 million. This Wednesday, seven lots saw their base price increase.

TAP unions were warned that BE was going to propose an audit of Neeleman's management

The audit proposed by the Left Bloc will not be feasible in Parliament. The draft resolution delivered by BE to recommend to the Government an audit of TAP's private management, will not reach any conclusion in the sense of knowing what are the effective responsibilities of businessman David Neeleman in the management of TAP and in the financial situation in which the airline is found.

AHRESP defends the repeal of the measure that prohibits the sale of drinks in 'take-away'

The association says that the measure “will only harm the already difficult situation of the establishments”. AHRESP adds that “what we want to prevent is the consumption of products at the door of the establishment or in its surroundings, and not the sale”.