The importance of proximity and humanization in services / products vs. digitization of the economy and teleworking

While the world assesses the undeniable benefits of corporate digitization, there are those who stop to think about the indispensable value that proximity and tact add to a business. Get to know Bruno Mesquita's opinion.

What, in your opinion, will be the role of communication agencies in the development of corporate communication in this increasingly digital and closer world?

At this moment, more than ever, digitization and the importance of digital communication in companies and public entities is becoming increasingly evident. The responsibility of the communication agencies and the respective marketing departments of the companies will be increasing.

The maintenance of its human resources, the loyalty of its customers and the search for potential in this very aggressive market are the main objectives of any company, in this sense the investment in strategies aimed at increasing brand awareness (how the company is perceived by its partners ), employer branding (as its employees come from the company itself) are fundamental and must be implemented by professionals who value and effectively communicate the message and values ​​of each brand or company.

What are the major difficulties that companies felt when they were forced to put some workers in telecommuting?

It is essential to realize that the importance of team work will never override individual work: this is what I believe in and try to convey to my teams. If we start from this premise and assume it as fundamental to the success of companies, it is obvious that teleworking, sometimes, may not be favorable for the quality of the services that are intended to be delivered.

I confess that, in my opinion, the vast majority of companies were not ready to put their workers at home, not only because of the confidence that arises when they are out of the radar of the business owners, but also because of logistics and computerized means for this.

While the first issue is resolved with the implementation of employee accountability measures and a strong corporate culture based on fundamental principles and values ​​for any company, trust, transparency and labor responsibility, the other is resolved with a strong investment in hardware and software. that, in the part of the companies, with the difficulty they have had, it was not easy to invest.

Are you confident that the Economic and Social Stabilization Plan (PEES) can be useful in digitizing the economy?

Based on the negotiation and conclusion of the process of distributing community funds and being one of the main flags of the European Union for the development and training of the European business fabric, I believe that it may have a fundamental role for companies.

As limits are not yet defined, as well as specific areas of performance of this program in the digitalization of companies, we hope to have some news soon. In addition to the obvious means of communication such as a website, an online store or the management of social networks, it is essential that companies are not stagnant in an initial investment and that they have a proactive attitude in updating the contents of these same means.

Bruno Mesquita, Belo Digital CEO
We were aware that Belo Digital has played an important role in supporting companies, however, due to this pandemic and the future is surrounded by uncertainty, what are the difficulties you foresee in this area?

I would not put the question in the difficulties of implementing communication strategies, but in raising awareness of the importance and need to transmit, in a professional and planned way, all your business communication in order to stand out in a positive and clear way from your competition.

For an agency that settled in the Leiria market just over 3 years ago, the recognition of our work has been extremely rewarding. With more than 250 projects in the area of ​​digital communication from websites, creation and activation of brands, rebranding of logos and management of social networks, we are responsible for the management of the communication of companies that, on average, already have more than 20 years of existence and that represent more than € 50m of annual revenue - which implies an increased sense of responsibility.

It is no coincidence that we have been dubbed “the marketing department” of companies, given the proximity and attention we pay to each of our customers. In fact, this is the only way we can meet your needs and, mainly, the needs that your customers have or may have.

Tell us a little about yourself. How does Bruno Mesquita manage to manage his day-to-day life as he has a wide variety of business areas in which he is involved?

Only with the best wife and friend in the world and a very understanding family and friends with me can I transmit my knowledge, my experience, my principles and values ​​to those who accompany me daily. I confess that I am fortunate to have the best people to work with me and that transform the various tasks and difficult decisions into moments in a team that, when shared, become much easier to decide.

It all started on the basis that they gave me as a person, the training I had in Vila Nova de Famalicão in Electronic and Computer Engineering in which I learned a lot from fantastic teachers, until the sharing of the first professional experiences I acquired as a worker and as a manager, administrator and business manager.

At this moment I have as main responsibilities the management of Belo Digital - Communication Agency, in Leiria, where communication strategies for companies are developed, the management at Belo Solutions - Indústria Têxtil, where we produce wedding dresses and more recently personal protective equipment and as administrator of Rectimold - Production of High Precision Molds, where we produce technical molds for the areas of health, watchmaking, armament, irrigation and automobiles.

This content was produced with the collaboration of Belo Digital - Communication Agency.

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