The largest GIS event in Portugal takes place on October 20 in virtual format

In this event, Esri Portugal is committed to showing not only the latest technology news, but also sharing what is best done with GIS in Portuguese territory.

The Esri Users' Meeting (EUE) has already 17 editions and asserts itself as the Largest Event of Geographic Information Systems in Portugal. We believe that this is the meeting point for Technicians, Analysts, Cartographers, Managers, all those who are part of the Portuguese GIS community.

In this event the Esri Portugal undertakes to show not only the latest technology news, but also to share what is best done with GIS in Portuguese territory. For that, it counts on the participation of its customers and partners, who show their work here, making this meeting an important moment of sharing.

In a different format, the event takes place over a day and is divided into a Plenary Session that takes place in the morning and in the afternoon through Parallel Sessions, which take place simultaneously in several virtual rooms.

Na edição deste ano, na nossa Sessão Plenária, contamos com a participação de Este Geraghty – Chief Medical Officer e Health Solutions Director Esri. Num ano marcado pela pandemia do Covid-19, quisemos trazer ao nosso evento alguém que sabe melhor do que ninguém como os Sistemas de Informação Geográfica têm um papel crucial na antecipação, mitigação e resposta a este tipo de crises.

And it is in this same sense that we will also have the intervention of the Assistant to the Secretary of State for Digital Transformation, Dr. Arthur Jordão. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Portugal, Esri Portugal has assumed itself as an important ally in communicating the evolution of the disease in our country, creating dashboards that have facilitated the visualization and analysis of the numbers and it is about this important contribution, recognized with a Praise published in Diário da República, which Dr. Arthur Jordão comes to talk to us about.

This morning, we can count on the presentation of the Viana do Castelo City Hall, through Vasco Martins, winner of a SAG (Special Achievment in GIS) Award in 2020. The Municipal Civil Protection Management System provides the Municipality with the means to properly characterize the territory, its risks, evolution of events and management of operational assets, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency operations.

NATO is also among our guests of honor. This entity's mission is the collective defense of its member states. Geographic Information Systems are a crucial tool for fulfilling this purpose and here they will show us an application, used in military helicopters on mission in Kosovo, which is based on Esri technology and whose main objective is to provide the military with an orientation base for movements on the ground. Through military cartography that was incorporated there, the military is able to create, manage and monitor the routes in each of the missions, and have access to relevant information about them.

The Aquapor Group has an activity dispersed in more than 50 municipalities, has more than a thousand collaborators and needed a quick and agile support of dissemination in a pandemic situation. With the support of Esri Portugal, it developed a monitoring platform whose analysis allows planning and adapting the intervention capacity to the evolution of COVID-19. It collects data in real time, supported by simple questionnaires (online), based on the Survey123 app, and filled in by the heads of the operational teams, this information is then crossed with the DGS data to identify and evaluate the areas with the highest risk of intervention, with monitoring the daily evolution of COVID-19 based on dashboards.

Ascendi is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 630 km of road network and each km has numerous assets to manage, from the pavement to signage, as well as security or collection assets. There are more than 800 employees spread across the country. The transformation of GIS at Ascendi is a central project at the company, with an impact on the workflows of various departments. Ricardo Sarmento, Responsible for Systems and Applications, shows us Ascendi's GIS, and explains the value it brought to the organization, the challenges of the past and the future.

This morning we will also have a Technical Session with a summary of the Technology News. First in ArcGIS Pro and then ArcGIS Online, showing you how to use tools that will revolutionize your work.

There are more than 50 sessions where you can watch presentations of projects developed by entities such as CM Municipal de Lisboa, CM Viseu, Altice Portugal, Águas de Gaia, ICNF, LNEG, Galp, the National Emergency Authority and Civil Protection, the General Staff of the Armed Forces, CM Ovar, among others. It is through this variety of clients and topics presented that we believe that we show the transversality of our technology, its unique character that makes it a technology that is at the center of operations and decisions. A technology that connects people and organizations. A technology that interconnects our World.



This sponsored content was produced in collaboration with Esri Portugal.

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