The macho swamp

Machismo is perpetuated by acts, omissions and words, between men, between women, and between women and men, from generation to generation, at home, at school and in communication and social networks.

The macho culture that rules the world is an ancient social system responsible for many evils.

First, and from a philosophical point of view, the macho system values ​​men more than women (giving more freedom, opportunities, power and income to the former than to the latter), which is a violation of human rights, individualism, humanism and justice.

Then, from an economic point of view, it makes an inefficient allocation of human resources: it throws women into procreation and domestic work, reserving public and private power for men, obtaining family income and studies. Now, it turns out that this is not how you get the best out of everyone: there are many men who would make good fairies in the home (yes, in mythology there are also male fairies), while many women make excellent CEOs, prime ministers, scientists or sportsmen .

Finally, this marshy broth generates a whole set of psychological and social perversities that cause great pain. Women, who are sometimes murdered at birth (in particular left to starve), are sometimes mistreated and abused during their lives (rape and excision, among other tortures) by the men of the family, then by their husbands or by strangers and other women ; now dead ahead, by husbands, lovers, parents, brothers and even children, who feel they own them; now they are prevented from pursuing their ambitions because the family and society say that a woman cannot go there.

To men, who have to fulfill certain social roles that they may not want (like a warrior) and who are castrated in their emotional nature through the imperatives "man does not cry", which so often results in mental illnesses that cause suicide.

To those who are thinking that these problems are “abroad”, there is bad news: Portugal is a country that is deeply sexist where many of the evils mentioned are verified.

Since Portugal is a Catholic country, and macho Catholicism, it is natural that it should be so. God, in his trinity “father, son and holy spirit” is combined and manifested in the masculine. Then, there are no priestesses, priests cannot marry and the woman is now good if she is a mother (Our Lady), bad if she is the female (the harlot, Mary Magdalene, Eva, temptation).

This machismo is now more exacerbated in the Muslim religion (with certain believers making excisions on Portuguese soil), but the origin of the evil is the same - a machismo that already comes from the Old Testament.

In Portugal, between two and three women per month die at the hands of their husbands or other family members. In another case, we have the victims of attempted murder. On many more falls a day of domestic violence, which begins in dating, even in a university environment.

This violence is socioeconomically transversal. It is gender violence against women. And it only exists because there is machismo.

Because people grow up learning that men are better and know more than women, they are more important, they are better able to make decisions and they are the flagship of families. And that women have to be submissive and thankful (the so-caricatured female art of manipulation being a “daughter” of this disempowerment).

When something corrupts this system, men feel threatened and go on to violent repression of women.

Many psychiatrists and psychologists have already identified that this macho virility is paradoxically fragile. Macho men have a crystal ego, and a profound human disrespect for women, for the feminine and for the possibility of a man not conforming to this toxic masculinity (which makes them attack homosexuals).

If an alien anthropologist came to study us, he would easily detect gender bias. With 50% of each gender, what percentage of women are on the boards of directors of companies? What percentage of women drive the car with their husband beside them? What percentage of professors are professors? What percentage of Judges Counselors?

What percentage of deputies? And ministers in the last 20 years? How many Presidents of the Republic? What percentage of women are in the finance ministers' offices? How many families are identified by the woman's family name? What is the percentage of women among professional sportsmen? What percentage of the overall income is earned by women? What percentage of women in the police and armed forces? What about the percentage of female aviation pilots or captain of ships?

Why is it assumed that the masculine is the general linguistic gender (ex: the students, the Men) and not the feminine? What percentage of the domestic work is done by men? What percentage of women in the media space is said to be "serious", namely in political and economic analysis? What percentage of marriages with a high age gap in which the woman is the oldest?

What percentage of prostitutes in the universe of prostitution? What is the percentage of domestic workers compared to domestic workers? What percentage of men live off their physical appearance, of all the people who make their image their breadwinner? What percentage of couples where women earn more than men?

Anyway, this list of questions is almost endless, and the percentages below 50%, unfavorable to women, are clear and sufficient evidence of machismo.

This machismo is perpetuated by acts, omissions and words, between men, between women, and between women and men, from generation to generation, at home, at school and in communication and social networks.

The end of machismo is not declared. But you can fight it. First, by creating a public space (including the school) that is ostensibly anti-macho and proactively equal (the opposite of what Bolsonaro, Trump or Chega do). Then, more criminalizing sexist crimes (rape, femicide and domestic violence). Finally, imposing temporary quotas, namely in public offices, to accelerate a transition that is millennia behind.

The author writes according to the old spelling.


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