"The Egg of the Serpent"

For those who reveal small dictatorial tics, aiming only at coming to power, it is important to mention that the seal of complicity will beat them, even when at first they may think they are winning the war.

“And therefore we should liken him to a serpent's egg - once it has hatched, it becomes dangerous, like all serpents. Thus we must kill him while he's still in the shell ”- Brutus, Shakespeare Julius Caeser

The title that motivates these lines was taken from Bergman's film, which in turn was inspired by the above quote.

If years ago we were living in difficult times, masterfully represented by Chaplin in the film “Modern Times”, Covid-19 came to make matters worse. From the easement of the factories we have moved on to dependence on electronic means, creating an evident dilution between rest and working hours. On the other hand, the so-called “electronic collar”, without which many of us are no longer able to work, ends up being the envy of those who were employed in areas particularly harassed by the pandemic reaction measures or, as is also the case, by the companies that own them took advantage.

There is no denying that we are not at the end, most likely not at the beginning of the end. Even with vaccines (if and when they get here ...), our fragile economy, based mainly on tourism, will take time to recover and, in between, there will be more victims than those in the statistics that serve us every day at the time of lunch. If some lie optimistically, others take advantage of reality to promote themselves, inciting each other.

The environment is therefore conducive to leaps forward, even if the abyss is approaching. In times of crisis, be it economic, be it values, there are always heralds, armed with populist speeches, aiming to capture a crowd of dissatisfied people. Historical examples demonstrate that, in times of despair, people need to believe in something that will keep them fighting. However, not all ideas, even if said in an enthusiastic way, are good and, likewise, not all are aimed at the common good.

Perhaps, in this respect, it is important to remember that Hitler was elected, with the help of Democrats. It is true that this happened not because it said that it would gas Jews and gypsies but in spite of giving the impression that it would. The result was what was known and, from those times, the only victims were not the gassed ones and those who managed to survive. It was all of humanity.

For those who reveal small dictatorial tics, with the aim of just getting to power, one cannot fail to mention that the seal of complicity will strike them, even when at first they may think they are winning the war (indeed, as happened to Hitler ... ).

Resisting snakes - and there are many - is no longer enough. There are times when the problem reaches such a dimension that the only way is to destroy the egg. Because, quoting the poet (and forgetting the politician ...) among us, there was always someone able to say: no!

The author writes according to the old spelling.


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