The state this reached

Where is the prime minister going, when the government did not regulate compensation for SNS workers involved in fighting the pandemic, as the law required him to do until a month ago?

The numbers of infected by Covid-19, hospitalizations and deaths continue to increase. Sadly. Because the propaganda spring for the Portuguese miracle, with which the Prime Minister draped himself, is not confirmed. Unfortunately.

What I try to take care of is whether you know how many Portuguese were victims of the pandemic, not because they contracted Covid, but because they were afraid or because they found the doors of the National Health Service (SNS) closed, as a result of their policy ? It is that the inactivity of the NHS, already at a loss and later concentrated on the pandemic, hit all the sick head-on, like a tsunami caused by the head of the Government.

Where was the Government, when still in January, they asked for “measures in view of the possibility of the global spread of the new Coronavirus” and only presented the Plan on March 10? In other words, more than a month later - when the first cases appeared in Portugal.

Where was the government that we have, when we said that homes could become the main focus, but did not define strong preventive measures in time? Leaving the fragile and vulnerable of today - the generation that suffered the most and fought the most - almost to their fate - because it was in the war, but it also made April.

Where is the prime minister of the promise of a family doctor for all Portuguese in 2017 and, three years later, a million of them are still in despair? A given word is not an honorable word, when those who can do not do what they can and do not do what they should.

Where is the prime minister that we have been going to, when the government that we have has not regulated compensation for SNS workers involved in fighting the pandemic, as the law required him to do until a month ago? Soldiers, anonymous from the front line, will never forget those who have forgotten them.

We have already passed through all states - from Calamity, Emergency, Contingency. We are now handed over to the "State this reached"!

The author signs this article as PSD Coordinator at the Health Commission.



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