Covid's strength

Apparently, in Portugal the poor do not want to get better, they mainly want those who have more than them to be like them. They forget that the state is supported by everyone's taxes.

In previous articles my perspective on Covid and the impact that the measures taken have and will have on Portuguese society and economy has already become clear.

It also seems to me to be already evident that the drama, fear and terror that public entities, namely the Government and DGS, want to associate with Covid has any interest other than public health. Or alongside the daily numbers of deaths with associated Covid, they would also say the number of deaths due to lack of diagnosis or monitoring of other diseases. I don't value one disease more than another or regret one death more than another. They are all to be regretted. But, for this very reason, they all have to be equally relevant for the State and the DGS.

Official data are available that indicate that 6.000 more people have died this year than the previous year, of which 1.900 are Covid-related deaths. And of these 1.900 I would like to know which ones are strictly explained by Covid. We also know that of these 1.900, the vast majority are people over 80 years old.

Am I saying that it is okay to accelerate the death of older people in some way? No. I am saying before that it does not seem reasonable to me that in order to prevent this postponement to 1.500 people, another 4.000 people must die because they do not have the necessary assistance or assistance.

Three from Covid die a day and 100 from heart disease. Three die from Covid a day and 16 from pneumonia. The set of respiratory diseases kills 40 people a day in Portugal, 14.000 a year. From seasonal flu, in the 2018/2019 season alone, 3.000 Portuguese died from infection with the influenza virus. Since 2015, respiratory diseases have been responsible for 19% of deaths. (Source: Portuguese Society of Pulmonology). Why does Covid come out of nowhere and become more important than any disease? Especially when it is shown that it is no longer serious?

It is unreasonable to me that by the proven numbers of Covid a whole population of isolation, depression, selfishness and disrespect is becoming ill. And literally killing people who have undiagnosed cancers, diabetes and kidney diseases to be monitored, chronic diseases and so many others that have to be diagnosed, monitored and treated in a timely manner and have seen their consultations and screening tests consecutively postponed.

Children being prevented from going to school is "criminal". In addition to the deficient education that not going to school will certainly inflict on them, I am more concerned with the impact on their social development, on growth, in the management of emotions and affections. The school is the space, by choice, to play. How can 1st graders grow up healthy at home? In addition to being obviously incompatible with telework from parents. Those who still have work, of course.

I would like to know the increase in the number of homeless people and the need for meals that hundreds of volunteers distribute daily. It is also curious not to hear about Covid outbreaks in this population. How is this explained? Are there no cases? Aren't they treated? Or are they super disciplined, comply with all rules and keep their distance when they are in line to collect their meal? Ah, they will say that they are not identified as a “group” so that there is no discrimination. Identification would be like in homes. With numbers.

If you could perceive the fear of all this at the beginning, after six months, it is obvious the impossibility of maintaining all this “staging” in time. Staging not in the existence of a virus, which I do not call into question, but in its effective danger that obliges to kill thousands of people for causes other than Covid, to plunge the population, especially the youngest and the oldest, into mental illness, fears and anxieties, to remove freedom for all Portuguese and to allow the reduction of private rights and guarantees.

Yes, that while the DGS announces three or four deaths with Covid, a new law was passed, which went unnoticed by many, and which allows the State to expropriate properties at its own pleasure. All in the name, of course, of the so-called Covid, who could not have appeared to the António Costa Government at a better time. The first beneficiary was Centeno and thenpasito a pasito, is socialism in all its splendor. If it seems like my exaggeration, check here Law Proposal No. 52 / XIV (immediately approved), but here I leave a small excerpt - says in its Art. 2, nº 2:

  1. Declare the public utility, as a matter of urgency, of the expropriations of properties and the inherent rights necessary to carry out the interventions that are considered integrated within the scope of the PEES.
  2. Consecrate, for the realization of interventions that are considered integrated within the scope of the PEES, restrictions of public utility in the properties necessary for crossing or occupation by underground conduits and circulation paths resulting from the construction of networks or infrastructures affected or to be affected, namely to transport and mobility services, environment and energy, as well as geological surveys, surveys and other required studies, always guaranteeing the corresponding compensation, under the general terms of law, and the eventual restoration of the previous situation, under the terms of the law .

"The realization of geological surveys, surveys and other required studies ...", really? Do you urgently expropriate to study? Never has the Atlantic been so narrow. At this rate, we are leaning against Venezuela.

The most serious thing is that it gives me the idea that in Portugal the poor do not want to get better, they want above all those who have more than them to be like them. They forget that the state is supported by everyone's taxes and that the richer the country has, the better we are. I, who am not even thinking about Robles' building, would like to have what many have. It would be a very good sign for me and Portugal.

The author writes according to the old spelling.



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