"The structural problems that Portugal has will not be solved with the right-wing policy", says João Ferreira

João Ferreira, who criticized the role of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa in the months marked by the pandemic, believes that the presidential elections “will not fail to significantly influence the course of national life for good or evil”, in his speech on the second day of the congress of the PCP.

The presidential candidate supported by the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), João Ferreira highlighted the structural problems experienced in Portugal and guaranteed that these will not be “solved with the right-wing policy”. In his speech this Saturday at the PCP Congress, he left some messages to the President of the Republic.

“The structural problems that Portugal is dragging will not be solved with the right-wing policy that created them, nor obviously with the demagogic, populist and admittedly anti-democratic variants of that policy,” said João Ferreira, adding that “the country's problems are solved with the determined action of the people, parties of a confidence in their strength and immense capacity ”.

As for Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, João Ferreira stressed that "the situation that the country faces requires that the election of the President of the Republic does not pass by the Portuguese as some would like". "These elections will determine the guidelines and options of the sovereignty body that represents the Portuguese Republic, which guarantees national independence, state unity and the regular functioning of democratic institutions, by being inherently supreme commander of the armed forces," he assured.

“Whether it be the concrete content of the powers of the President of the Republic, or the dynamics that these elections involve and induce. They will not be able to leave, will not fail to significantly influence the course of national life for good or evil, ”said the communist, who is of the opinion that“ a president of the republic committed to the oath he takes, to defend, comply and do complying with the constitution must not fail within the scope of their competences and responsibilities to mobilize the Portuguese people for a change of course in national life ”

on the course of national life in recent months, along with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa's performance, João Ferreira stated that the President did not promote “the necessary evolution of wages”, as well as “contributed to weaken intrinsic rights, freedoms, guarantees, democratic regime, something that the health emergency does not justify ”.

“In the confrontation that opposes the public interest, or the interests of micro and small businesspeople, to the interests of economic and financial groups, he always sided with the latter,” said João Ferreira, who stressed that his candidacy “is not a candidacy of a single man, based on a broad and generous collective, with an unparalleled and centenary history of struggle in defense of the interests of the workers of the people and the country ”.








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