There is a virtual Winamp skin museum

This museum brings together thousands of skins for the music program.

In the early days of the MP3 music file format, Winamp was the king of music players because it was free, allowed to create playlists, was modular and simple to use.

But, since the beginning of the new century, which has lost predominance due to the large part of its functionalities being integrated into the operating systems and also because of the advent of streaming music services, such as Spotifiy, which “killed” the CD and CD market. illegal music downloads.

If you miss the times when Winamp was king and lord of the music player landscape, a virtual museum was recently created that brings together the skins for Winamp that were kept by the Internet Archive in one place.

When visiting the museum you can not only see the skins, but also download them to change the appearance of Webamp, a browser version of Winamp that works using HTML5 and JavaScript.

Both Winamp Skin Museum and Webamp are projects created by Jordan Eldredge, who is also responsible for the bot Winamp Skin Twitter that publishes a skin randomly on Twitter.

If you miss Winamp from your youth, take a look at this museum. There are literally skins there for everyone.

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