Tomorrow at 15pm, watch JE editors Talks: Patents and Industrial Property

Portugal remains behind several of its European partners with regard to the registration of patents and industrial property. Want to know the reasons? Don't miss JE editors talks on the topic, tomorrow at 15pm.

Our country is responsible for only 0,1% of patents registered in the European Union every year and registers fewer patents per year than the territory of Puerto Rico. What is this reality due to and what do we need to do to make a change?

These and other issues will be discussed at JE editors Talks on patents and industrial property. A conversation with the participation of Clarke Modet e Invents International.

You can watch it live tomorrow at 15 pm, through the website or Facebook of Jornal Económico.


PremiumFuture arrived earlier and accelerated the digital transition

The six conferences of the JE / Huawei cycle made it possible to discuss the role of technology in the recovery of the economy and its potential in areas such as Education, Health, Industry, Sustainability and Media.

PremiumNuno Moreira: “The 'green hydrogen' projects are not megalomaniacs”

Dourogás' executive president says that the size of the 'green hydrogen' projects is appropriate to the market conditions in Portugal and that, in the short term, the price of this fuel will tend to approximate the price of natural gas.

PremiumCatering: 'Chefs' against the pandemic

Despite the crisis caused by Covid-19 and the uncertainties about the future, the author's catering sector is experiencing a dynamic moment, in Lisbon, Porto and inland. Inaugurations, reopenings, new letters, new partnerships, new services are the assets to attract more customers. Mostly national, because there are still many planes on the ground and many tourists at home.